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4 New Moon In Cancer Rituals To Do On July 2nd To Harness The Power Of The Solar Eclipse

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New Moon In Cancer Rituals To Do On July 2nd To Harness The Power Of The Solar Eclipse

A new moon in Cancer and a total solar eclipse are on the agenda for July 2nd. For the zodiac signs, these particular transits in astrology mean our pasts will be drudged up, forcing us to deal with the wounds.

If you feel repressed emotions coming to the surface on this day, especially if they are related to familial woundings and childhood traumas, don't be afraid. After all, everything that reaches for the light always casts a shadow. And the only way to become whole is through embracing that shadowy side of yourself.

To help you harness the power of the Cancer new moon and the eclipse, here are 4 new moon rituals you can do on July 2nd and make a massive change in your life.

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1. Call your mother or write her a letter.

Whether you have a great relationship with your mother or one that's rocky, you can't deny that your bond with your mom is unique. So block some time out to ring up your mom and spend some time talking to her. Ask her about her childhood. Ask her for guidance if you are called to do it. And make the conversation a real heart-to-heart affair.

But in case you don't want to call your mother, whether it's because of toxic circumstances or resentments, write her a letter instead. Pour out your heart and speak your truth on paper. Let her know how you feel about her and how her actions affect you. Let your inner child reveal what it truly feels about her.

Light a candle once you are done and imagine the flame burning away the negativity from your soul. The faster the candle burns, the stronger your emotions are towards your mother. Thank the fire for cleansing you and let it burn down completely.

You can repeat this ritual every few weeks until you stop feeling the need to do it, or once the candle starts to burn merrily. It's a sign you have forgiven the past and are ready to move into a healthier future.

2. Go swimming... in the dark.

Cancer is ruled by the moon, which is known to strongly affect water bodies. So pay your respects to the new moon and go for a dip in the sea (or even a swimming pool).

And no judgments if you decide to soak in your birthday suit. All the better to absorb the energy of the new moon with!

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3. Feast with family.

The sign of Cancer rules the domain of the family, home, and the mother. And this new moon in Cancer is a great time to solidify your bonds with your family, whether they are part of your bloodline or are an adopted family of friends and neighbors.

Invite your family for a meal and let the merry-making begin. Better still if it's a potluck of family recipes handed down through the generations.

And if you aren't able to be with your family, treat yourself to a family meal and light candles for each member you would have loved to share the meal with. Remember to send them love as you eat.

4. Plant your intentions for the next six months.

New moons are the perfect time to set intentions for the next six months. So take some time out to write down the top three things you wish to accomplish. Better if you choose to focus on just one.

Then take a fresh sheet of paper and condense each wish into a single sentence, and write as if you already have it in your life. For example, if you want to make more money, write "I make X amount of money every month."

Then fold this paper and bury it into the ground, whether that's in your backyard or a nearby park. Imagine you are planting a seed when you do this. And then do one small thing every day to align yourself with your wishes. For example, if you want to make more money, you can look for better job opportunities or strategize a business plan.

These small actions represent nurturing your wish seed. And they will bring more opportunities into your life over the next six months. Alternatively, you can plant actual seeds along with the paper. And then nurture the sapling to manifest your wishes.

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Valeria Black is a freelance writer who reads Tarot cards in her free time.