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Instagram Influencer Artist Cristina Szeifert Accused Of Faking Her Paintings

Photo: Instagram
Who Is Cristina Szeifert? New Details On Instagram Influencer And Artist Who's Been Accused Of Faking Her Paintings

Cristina Szeifert does it all; she's a clinical psychologist, certified life and health coach, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, model, Instagram influencer, blogger and a painter. Wow, that's a mouthful! The Romanian influencer posts her masterpieces to social media, but lately, Szeifert is being accused of faking her paintings. Find out what people are saying and why they think she's not actually painting the pictures she posts. Who is Cristina Szeifert?

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1. Clothing Choices

Cristina Szeifert proudly shows off her paintings on Instagram, but lately followers have been speculating that she isn't actually painting these works of art. Some viewers pointed out that she paints in nice clothes and they never look dirty. Usually, artists paint in comfortable clothing or use something like a smock or apron. Painting can get pretty messy and you're bound to get paint on yourself. However, Szeifert always looks spotless and paint free. Szeifert defended herself and her painting abilities by saying that she changes into nice clothing before taking her Instagram pictures. (Which is totally reasonable!) She told Buzzfeed News that her image is an important part of her career she likes looking good. 


A post shared by Cristina Szeifert (@cristinaszeifert) on Apr 9, 2019 at 6:10am PDT

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2. Her art palette looks the same in every photo.

Heavy.com pointed out how Szeifert's art palette looks the same in many photos. The colors are the same and in the same exact spots. Just a coincidence? Maybe not. It's very unlikely that her colors spread out the same way each time she painted. It could be a fake palette, but maybe she just painted lots of things in one day, changed her outfits for each picture and posted them months or weeks apart. A Reddit user originally pointed this out and said: "This artist frequently posts pics of herself ‘painting,’ but the paint palette never changes." 


A post shared by Cristina Szeifert (@cristinaszeifert) on Feb 17, 2019 at 1:41am PST

3. Szeifert claims her paintings are real.

Szeifert is aware of what people are thinking about her and her art and she wants to prove their theories are wrong. She said that she only wears nice clothes after her paintings are done just to pose for the picture. She told Buzzfeed News, "I have on my phone videos from almost every painting I did... I am a model, artist, psychologist, and a public person so my image is very important — of course I don’t picture myself with dirty clothes.” 


A post shared by Cristina Szeifert (@cristinaszeifert) on Mar 11, 2019 at 11:31am PDT

4. She's not afraid to stand up for herself. 

Szeifert plans to continue standing up to critics. She believes the people that are doubting her are just jealous. She's proving people wrong by posting pictures and videos of herself actually painting her art. She wrote to her followers, "I just wanted to clarify that due to the negativity going around in the last days. All my paintings are made by my self as this one. I don’t always use a palette as I don’t have one in London."

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