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Miss Hooters Finalist Madison Rogers Went On Post-Breakup Rampage In Boyfriend's House

Photo: Metro Nashville Police Department
Who Is Madison Rogers? New Details On The Miss Hooters Finalist Who Went On Post Breakup Rampage In Boyfriend's House

They say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and Madison Rogers set about proving that in Nashville, Tennessee this month.

Rogers, who was recently a top-five finalist in a Tennessee Miss Hooters pageant, was arrested in May after losing it when her boyfriend broke up with her. She allegedly snuck into his house as he was out and trashed his bedroom and bathroom in a fit of post-breakup rage Later, she showed back up at his house and assaulted him before running away.

The ex-boyfriend, who has not been named in media reports, was able to call 911 and escape the incident without any injury but Rogers is facing jail time for vandalism and felony aggravated burglary. Both of the charges count as felonies in the state and she could face big fines or even jail time for the crimes.

What led the former Miss Hooters finalist to trash her ex-boyfriend’s house? Read on for all the details. Who is Madison Rogers?

1. Miss Hooters

Rogers is 21-years-old and apparently recently competed for the title of Miss Hooters Tennessee. Her social media has been locked down now but according to the New York Daily News, she used to have Instagram photos posted showing her among the top five contestants in the pageant. Before the post was hidden from public view, she had captioned it “Hooters pageant 2019! Top 5 woohoo!!” Other contestants such as Destini Willis have the same photo still available on their pages. Willis added the caption “Top 5 Thank you to EVERYONE that helped me. I appreciate all of the support! Big thank you to @hooters for allowing me to be apart of this amazing journey.” She went on to thank a bunch of brands that apparently sponsored her for the competition but she did not name or tag any of the other women appearing in the photo with her.

There is a Miss Hooters International pageant that was held in June in Las Vegas but it does not appear Rogers was a participant in that. It’s unclear if that’s because she didn’t qualify or if it has something to do with her arrest. Hooters also holds multiple local pageants as marketing events.

Miss Hooters pageant photo.

2. Break-up

In addition to her work with the Hooters chain of restaurants, Rogers also evidently had been in a serious relationship with an unnamed man in Nashville. According to USA Today, her now lost love told police that they had been together for two years but on May 31, he broke off their relationship. There are no details available about what their relationship was like before the split or why he broke things off with the Miss Hooters finalist.

Rogers split with her boyfriend.

3. Taking it badly

Rogers evidently took the news that her love life was coming apart badly. In a police affidavit cited by Scoop Nashville, the unnamed ex-boyfriend said that he had gone out for a period of time but shortly after he returned home, he heard a banging on his door. When he answered, Rogers barged into the home and started assaulting him. He opted not to fight back and instead managed to pick Rogers up and carry her out of his house, locking her out and calling 911.

She tried to assault her ex.

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4. Redecorating

Once the boyfriend got on the phone with police, Rogers gave up on assaulting him and took off running from the scene. Before she left, she asked the boyfriend if he liked what she had done with the upstairs. Far from trying to make up with him by adding some new decorating touches to the house, police reports say that she had destroyed the bedroom and bathroom of the house. A number of items were damaged including a lamp valued at $100 according to USA Today.

She trashed his bedroom and bathroom.

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5. Arrested

Security camera footage confirmed that Rogers had entered the home while her ex was out, leading police to arrest her for the damage she did to the inside. She was arrested on charges of burglary and vandalism of $1000 damages or less. Scoop Nashville says she was booked June 7 and eventually released on $5000 bond. Aggravated burglary is a Class C felony in Tennessee and she could face a prison terms of three to 15 years, as well as fines of up to $10,000. The vandalism charge is a class E felony, punishable by 1-6 years in prison, $3,000 in fines.

She could face fines or jail.

Madison Rogers expected back in court in early July. Neither she nor her lawyer are speaking to the press about the incident. Hooters has not commented on the case.

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