20 Fun Wedding Send-Off Ideas To Perfectly Close Out The Party

Create a send-off that will leave a lasting impression at your wedding reception.

20 Fun Wedding Send Off Ideas To Perfectly Close Out The Party getty

So the wedding party is almost coming to a close, and the newly married couple is getting ready to venture out into the real world. What's the best way to send them off?

While there are some classic wedding ideas, there are also unique, creative, and environmentally safe options for everyone to chose from. Below, we've provided 20 of our favorite recommendations and wedding send-off ideas to see the couple off properly.


1. Sparklers



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Starting off our list with one of the most iconic and popular wedding send-offs this decade. A great way to ignite (get it) a couple’s first introduction into the world as happily married.


Photographers love this send-off, because when mixed with long exposure settings on a camera, you’re guaranteed to get some awesome images. But check with your wedding venue and see if sparklers are allowed before purchasing.

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2. Bubbles



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Another trending favorite with wedding send-off, bubbles are a whimsical and fun way to send the couple best wishes as they leave their reception. We recommended investing in hand held bubble machines or larger wands, as simple and small bubble straws will not give such a dramatic effect worthy of a couple send-off.


3. Fireworks



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By far the most expensive and limiting item on our list, nothing sends off a greater farewell than fireworks. Some companies will set up the grand exit for you for approximately five minutes at $500-$2,000 a minute.

The only downside is that many venues will not allow fireworks, and if they do, make sure you purchase from a liable and insured company. This isn’t the place to trim cost if deciding to go the fireworks route.


4. Streamers



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Festive and colorful, streamers are a great item to either hold in hand and shake, or throw as the couple passes by. Photographers recommend colors that either coordinate with the surroundings or shades that capture light (like metallic silver and gold) for the best effect on camera.

5. Rice



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A true tradition, throwing rice at the couple is a major sign of luck in many different cultures. It’s cheap, versatile, and won't get stuck on the couple’s clothing.


The only off-set? Many venues will not allow rice to be thrown (because of clean up), so check beforehand to see if it’s allowed before getting your heart set on it.

6. Pom-Poms



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A cute idea for those who met in college (or high school), the theme of pom-poms is extremely school-spirited and conveys a message of support and comradely for the couple. These are easy to get custom made and tailored to your school colors (if desired).


7. Confetti



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Nothing says party and celebration like confetti, and whether it’s from a popper or thrown into the crowd, it’s a bold way to send the couple off. As it’s almost impossible to clean up confetti, we strongly encourage purchasing biodegradable and eco-friendly confetti if deciding to go that direction.

8. Beach Balls



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Perfect for a wedding in the sand, nothing is more on-trend at a beach wedding than beach balls thrown into the air. As they come in a wide variety of sizes, we recommend medium to small, as they won't take up a majority amount of space in the wedding photography. Just make a note to the guest to throw them upwards, not at the couple.


9. Rose Petals

Romantic, on-theme, and extremely festive, rose petals are a great send-off for the newly married couple. Work with your event’s florist to come up with price and color scheme. You may be surprised that it may not be too much additional cost when bundled with bouquets and center pieces.

10. Fall Foliage



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Between the months of September and November, there’s a crisp in the air and foliage on the ground. A free way to incorporate vibrant warm colors like orange, yellow, and red. If your wedding is themed towards rustic in the Autumn months, we highly suggest taking this route.


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11. Ribbon Wands



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Similar to streamers, building send-off ribbons is a great way to control colors and lengths for your send-off. This is a great option if having a day wedding, as the ability to have bright colors will be lovely to contrast with the blue sky and any bridal party or groomsman colors.


12. Wedding Bells



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More of an audio appeasement than visual, wedding bells are a true send-off wedding tradition. Thankfully, there are tons of options to choose from when it comes to picking the perfect wedding bell for a send-off.

Some options to choose from include: the traditional church bells, jingle bells, and even cow bells (for the rustic themed weddings).


13. Kazoos



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Quirky and whimsical, kazoos also appeal to the auditory senses of a wedding send-off as well as the physical, when colored correctly. We recommend using bright, vibrant, and bold colored kazoos for your photographs, as they'll show up easier on camera.

If looking to buy kazoos in bulk, try Oriental Trading, as it comes with a wide variety of assortments and styles of kazoos.


14. Paper Airplanes



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Perfect for the couple who loves to travel, gliding paper airplanes towards the couple not only makes for a sentimental moment, but fantastic images. If the couple plans to run off to a honeymoon destination in a far away place after their wedding, the paper airplanes can be the perfect (and actual) send-off.

For a nice added touch, have wedding guest write notes to the couple before they toss, and having someone collect the planes to save and read for a later date. 


15. Glow Sticks



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Where retro meets techno, glow sticks are an excellent and festive send-off after a night of fun and dancing the night away.

If deciding to go this route, our only piece of advice is to wait to hand out the glow sticks until right before the send-off. If they're put out beforehand, guests may use them throughout the party and on the dance floor. By the time you're ready, they'll have lost their glow (and that won't be very exciting).  


16. Sky Lanterns

While this approach may be harder to pull off, it can make for an exceptional wedding send-off. Used in parts of Asia (traditionally Thailand) to signify a special occasion or pay tribute to a special holiday, lanterns are released into the sky in bulk and light up night (ever see the movie Tangled?).


If your wedding venue allows this particular send-off, make sure to go over safety guidelines and fire codes. Additionally, before guests release the lanterns, have them make a wish or write a note on the lantern to the couple before releasing. 

17. Balloons



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The cutest and most festive way to line the path of an afternoon wedding send-off, balloons can come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors.


While many suggest releasing the balloons into the air for more of a dramatic effect when it comes to photography, we recommend keeping the balloons on the string to help the environment. Talk with the photographer, and see what elements and angles can be captured on camera.

18. Lavender, Rosemary or Eucalyptus

Like rice, specific herbs and flowers can make for an incredible hand-held biodegradable send-off accessory. Not only will using these assortment of herbs and flowers bring a out great photography, it'll smell extremely wonderful as the couple rides away in their transportation of choice.


19. Sprinkles



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Meant for more than cakes and cupcakes, sprinkles can be used as a great way to send off a couple after their wedding night. To bring out extra flare, match the sprinkles to the wedding's color theme to create cohesive wedding aesthetics indoors.

Store the sprinkles indoor, and as the send-off approaches, have everyone grab a handful and follow the couple outdoors. 


20. Flags



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Custom flags are a great way to end the night. Waving expressive sayings, the couple's last name, or the iconic wedding hashtag, create a personalized touch to a celebratory evening.  

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