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What Astrology Says About Celebrity Matthew McConaughey, By His Zodiac Sign & House Placements

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Celebrity Matthew McConaughey & His Natal Astrology Chart, By Zodiac Sign

Matthew McConaughey was born on  November 4, 1969.

Based on his chart, he was born with a Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Virgo, and Gemini rising.

Sun in Scorpio

A basic want can likely be connected with solving mysteries, problem-solving, and getting to the bottom of things.

With Gemini rising, he is apt to do this very quickly, by being very shrewd, cunning, quick-thinking sometimes strong ability to outmaneuver out with outsmart others.

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Moon in Virgo

A Virgo Moon's emotional needs can be connected with work, health, and diet.

Gemini Rising

With a Gemini Ascendant, this may done with variety, animation, vivaciousness, versatility, and in a spirited manner.

House Placements

Giving the chart a pictorial look, McConaughey has a preponderance of planets below the horizon (houses 1 through 6).

This indicates he is likely more introverted than extroverted, more subjective than objective, more pessimistic than optimistic and maybe somewhat moody and temperamental (because North side of chart is symbolic of night).

6 Masculine Sign House Placements

Having 6 of his 12 major astrological influences in masculine signs may help modify this to some degree.

He also has the majority of his planets on the right side of the chart, in houses 4 through 9.

This shows a propensity toward collaborating with others on projects, dependence on others, and actions being dictated by owners.

The Second Quadrant

He has eight planets in the second quadrant (Houses for 5, 6, and 7). This suggests a very strong emphasis on home, family, children, and employment.

He likely works laboriously to provide for home and family members. 

The First Quadrant

With no planets in the first quadrant, (Houses 1,2,and 3) he likely doesn't put as much emphasis on self-centered interests. He is likely one not about self aggrandizement or self-interest. 

Others interests may often take precedence over his.

Most of his major astrological energy in air.

This indicates good communicative ability ability to articulate concepts and ideas, sociability and hold one's own in conversation, cheerfulness and amiable energy.

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Fixed Sign Placements

With a preponderance of major astrological influences in fixed signs, he may be very intransigent and inflexible. He may likely have others make compromises in adjustments in relationships.

However this could get very strong fixed energy, determination persistence and inordinate willpower.

Mutable Sign Placements

With some mutable energy, including Gemini rising, this will modify this trait.

Gemini ascendant can be very adaptable flexible and pliable.

The Final (Chart) signature is in Aquarius.

I don't believe the chart signature surpasses or supersedes the Sun, Moon, or Ascendant in its significance or impact on a chart.

However, it is supposed to give a chart and overall feel or tone. this can give McConaughey some eccentric energy, be unique, unorthodox unconventional, innovative, and freedom in independent loving.

The Aquarius Mars and MC may accentuate this energy. With no major astrological influences in fire signs, Matthew may at times seem to lack vibrancy, enthusiasm, exuberance and, simply, fire. There may be reluctance to take the leadership role in relationships.

Fire Sign Placements, Leo, Aries and Sagittarius

He does have some compensations by house placements-4 in the fire houses (3 in the 5th, 1 in the 9th).

Chart Ruler, Mercury

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His chart ruler, Mercury, is located in the 6th house. This suggests a lot of his Gemini rising energy is injected into work and health-related matters.

With it being in Scorpio, the strong possibility exists he may be very fixated and obsessed with these matters.

Sun in Scorpio making a conjunction to this could "shine the light" on this, so to speak.

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He has a Mutable-T-Square configuration that consists of an opposition between the North Node in Pisces in the 10th house and the Moon in Virgo in the 4th, both squared by the focal point, Gemini rising.

Mutable T-Squares can give much worrisome energy, vacillation, anxiety, wavering, ambivalence, but people with this configuration can be supremely pliable and adapt to the most adverse circumstances.

The opposition between the Moon in Virgo in the 4th house and the North Node in Pisces in the 10th house indicates a perpetual tug-of-war between an emotional need (Moon) for service/work (Virgo)in the home (4th) and his mission/purpose (North Node)in a acting/filmography (Pisces) career (10th house).

With his Gemini Ascendant being at the focal point of the configuration, it can be the point of over-emphasis/accentuation to resolve the issue connected with the opposition.

As a result, he may wind up spreading himself too thin, trying to do to manifold things, and can be taxing on the physical body (Gemini rising).

It may also bring out very outward excitable and high-strung energy. Another thing that stands out in his chart are his intercepted houses.

He has Libra intercepted in the 5th house and Aries intercepted in the 11th house.

This can indicate suppression of energy in the signs/houses involved, but also distortion of energy.

There may be difficulty in finding balance/fairness (Libra) in matters with love/children (5th) and being forceful/assertive/taking initiative (Aries) in friendships/goals/future (11th).

Another way this can manifest is a lack of equilibrium with the houses/signs.

For example, relationships (Libra) in connection with personal popularity (5th) may be over-emphasized, which may result in lack of self-reliance (Aries) in attaining goals/aspirations.

There can be issues that are contentious (Aries) with friends (11th) and complacency/relationships (Libra) in love/amusement/enjoyment/children.

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His duplicated signs/house can be the resolution.

With Cancer duplicated on the 2nd/3rd houses, he can express unequivocal love/sensitivity to communications valued.

With Capricorn duplicated on the 8th/9th house cusps, through discipline/being rational (Capricorn) in speaking of his philosophies and being very responsible/disciplined (Capricorn) in loans/support/shared resources (8th) and, he can resolve issues associated with the interceptions.

In conclusion, when I look at Matthew McConaughey's natal chart, I see somebody that puts a lot of emphasis on other people.

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With no major astrological influences in fire and no planets in the first quadrant of his chart, he may need to learn to enthusiastically and exuberantly put more emphasis on his own needs and not to feel selfish in the process.

He has only one planet in a "me" sign, that being Saturn in Taurus, and that conjuncts his 12th house cusp of self-sacrifice/others that are less fortunate.

He is someone that was certainly born to act with a ruler of his 10th house in the 5th House of entertainment, and also has Jupiter in very tight conjunction to Venus in the 5th house; very fortuitous for making money through acting/ entertainment.

With his Sun in Scorpio conjunct Mercury in the 6th house, his memory may be very retentive and being fixated on memorizing script employment.

Perhaps with Gemini rising, if he hasn't done so already, maybe primed to play a dual role.

On a personal note, the fact that my Moon in Gemini conjuncts his Ascendant can indicate perhaps it was in the stars that I could be connected with him.

Edwin Learnard is a YouTube astrologer who covers a wide divergence of astrological subjects.