50 Best Baby Names That Start With The Letter I

Choose something unique.

40 Baby Names That Start With The Letter I getty

Lots of unique baby names fill this list! There were a handful of names that we hadn't even heard of when compiling it, but still, these baby names are sure to make a statement.

You'll find classic names like Irene, Izzy and India, but will also see more unique names from the Native American and Basque cultures. There is a name in this list for every expecting mother! Which one belongs to your child?


1. Iaera

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Dryad nymph, mother of Bitias and Pandarus

2. Ica

Origin: Greek and Hungarian

Meaning: Light

3. Ida

Origin: English and German

Meaning: Properous, diligent

4. Idal

Origin: English

Meaning: From the yew tree valley

5. Iliana

Origin: Greek and Spanish

Meaning: Light; variant of Helena

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6. Ilias

Origin: Greek

Meaning: "The Lord is my God"

7. Illias

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: "Jehovah is God"

8. Imad

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: Supportive, relied upon

9. Imelda

Origin: Spanish

Meaning: Powerful fighter

10. Indigo

Origin: English

Meaning: Deep blue-violet

11. Indra

Origin: Hindi

Meaning: In Hindu culture, Indra was the supreme ruler of the gods

12. Indrajit

Origin: Hindi

Meaning: Conqueror of Indra

13. Inessa

Origin: Russian

Meaning: Chaste; variant of Agnes

14. Ingram

Origin: English and Norse

Meaning: Angel, angelic

15. Ingrid

Origin: Norse and Scandinavian

Meaning: Beautiful

16. Inigo

Origin: Basque

Meaning: Fiery, passionate; variant of Ignatius

17. Iniko

Origin: African


Meaning: Born during troubled times

18. Ino

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Greek mythical daughter of Cadmus, foster mother of Dionysis, and stepmother of Prixies

19. Inis

Origin: Irish

Meaning: Island

20. Inka

Origin: Finnish

Meaning: Hero's daughter

21. Inola

Origin: Native American

Meaning: Black fox (Cherokee)

22. Iola

Origin: Greek and Welsh

Meaning: Violet, dawn; deemed worthy

23. Iolanthe

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Violet

24. Iolo

Origin: Welsh

Meaning: Familiar form of Iowerth

25. Iov

Origin: Hebrew and Russian

Meaning: "God will establish"

26. Ira

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Watchful

27. Iran

Origin: Persian

Meaning: Place name for Iran, an ancient Middle Eastern country in Asia


28. Irelyn

Origin: English

Meaning: Variation of the place name Ireland

29. Ireland

Origin: English

Meaning: Place name for Ireland

30. Irene

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Peace

31. Irmine

Origin: German

Meaning: War goddess

32. Irus

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Challenged Odysseus on his return to Ithaca

33. Isa

Origin: Arabic and Hebrew

Meaning: Arabic form of Jesus; nickname for Isaiah and Isaac

34. Isabelle

Origin: French

Meaning: "God is my oath"

35. Isah

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: Form of Jesus

36. Isane

Origin: German

Meaning: Strong willed

37. Isis

Origin: Egyptian 

Meaning: Most powerful of the Egyptian goddesses

38. Ismene

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Accounted wise

39. Isoke

Origin: African


Meaning: "Gift from God"

40. Isolda

Origin: Celtic and German

Meaning: The fair; rule of ice

41. Istvan

Origin: Hungarian

Meaning: Crowned in victory

42. Ituha

Origin: Native American

Meaning: Sturdy oak

43. Ivana

Origin: Czech

Meaning: "God has been gracious"

44. Ivey

Origin: English

Meaning: White, pure

45. Izso

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: "God's salvation"

46. Izod

Origin: Irish

Meaning: Fair-haired, blonde, famous

47. Izett

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Wrestles with God

48. Izzy

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Familiar form of Isaac

49. Indiana

Origin: English

Meaning: Place name for Indiana

50. India

Origin: English

Meaning: From the Sanskirt for "river"

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In addition to these great baby name ideas, we've compiled a list of the top girls names, boys names, and the overall top names to add even more inspiration.

Top 5 girls names for 2018

  1. Olivia
  2. Amelia
  3. Isla
  4. Emily
  5. Ava

Top 5 boys names for 2018

  1. Liam
  2. Noah
  3. Elijah
  4. Logan
  5. Mason

Top 100 names of 2019

1. Emma

2. Liam

3. Noah

4. Olivia

5. Ava

6. Isabella

7. Sophia

8. Elijah

9. Logan

10. Mia

11. Mason

12. James

13. Aiden

14. Ethan

15. Lucas

16. Jacob

17. Michael

18. Matthew

19. Benjamin

20. Amelia

21. Charolette

22. Alexander

23. William

24. Daniel

25. Jayden

26. Oliver

27. Carter

28. Sebastian

29. Joseph

30. David

31. Abigail

32. Emily

33. Gabriel

34. Julian

35. Jackson

36. Anthony

37. Harper


38. Evelyn

39. Dylan

40. Wyatt

41. Madison

42. Grayson

43. Isaiah

44. Christopher

45. Joshua

46. Victoria

47. Christian

48. Samuel

49. Andrew

50. Mateo

51. Sofia

52. Jaxon

53. Josiah


54. John

55. Scarlett

56. Luke

57. Aria

58. Ryan

59. Elizabeth

60. Camila

61. Nathan

62. Layla

63. Isaac

64. Owen

65. Ella

66. Henry

67. Levi

68. Aaron

69. Caleb

70. Chloe

71. Zoey

72. Jeremiah

73. Lincoln

74. Landon

75. Adrian

76. Hunter

77. Eli

78. Penelope

79. Skylar

80. Jonathan

81. Thomas

82. Jack

83. Jordan

84. Connor

85. Brayden

86. Cameron

87. Grace

88. Bryce

89. Mila

90. Lillian

91. Aaliyah

92. Jose

93. Lily

94. Paisley

95. Xavier

96. Dominic

97. Bella

98. Nicholas

99. Brooklyn

100. Savannah

Names and meanings from Babble.com

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