Who Is Colin Quinn's Wife? New Details On Jen Sochko And Their Star-Studded Wedding


Who Is Colin Quinn's Wife? New Details On Jen Sochko And Their Star-Studded Wedding Getty 

George Clooney was considered a confirmed bachelor before he met Amal. Now, another one of Hollywood's elite has tied the knot after decades of making sure he kept himself away from the altar.

That's right, comedian Colin Quinn has tied the knot, starting life as a newlywed fresh at the age of 60-years-young.

But, that begs the question, who the heck did Colin Quinn marry?

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Well don't worry I've got you covered. Last week in Brooklyn Quinn wed TV producer Jen Sochko. Let's take a sec and find out a little something-something about their wedding and the ties that keeps this comedic couple together.

Who is Colin Quinn's wife?

1. Tying The Knot 

In a wedding ceremony to delight fans of the comedy world and the wonderful world of late night TV shows, comedian and SNL alumnus Colin Quinn went and got hitched to Late Night With Seth Meyers producer Jen Sochko on Saturday, June 8th in a ceremony surrounded by family, friends and some of the TV world's most glowing luminaries. 


The wedding ceremony itself was everything edgy and cool that you would expect of Quinn and thus, of Sochko. I mean it was her wedding too, right? And let's be real she probably had a lot more to do with the planning! The ceremony itself and the reception took place in Williamsburg, Brooklyn at the Weylin building, formally The Williamsburg Savings and Loan Bank. Cha-ching!

2. The Guest List 

As you might expect of an affair of this caliber (though Quinn himself would likely cringe at hearing me apply those words to his own wedding) their wedding wasn't just replete with people they grew up with and elderly aunts hugging them too long and wishing them well as they began their journey as man and wife. In fact, it was a veritable whose who of the comedic world in attendance. 

Guests at the wedding itself included Jen's boss, Seth Meyers, Jimmy Fallon and a panoply of comedians including Jerry Seinfeld, Amy Schumer, Tim Meadows, Bridget Everett, Jim Norton, Sam Roberts, Robert Kelly and Joe List. Not content to leave it there either, Quinn arranged for comedian John Pappas to be the officiant of the actual ceremony. 


3. Quinn's Take 

Colin Quinn is many things but a weak at the knees groom-to-be all a twitter for his special day isn't one of them. That's something he's made very clear ever since the news of his engagement broke! When that happened he made an appearance on Seth Meyers' show to share the news and when asked about what kind of wedding it would be, he came with quips prepared. 

“There are two kinds of weddings that are both horrible...There’s the over-the-top, cheese ball loud wedding where people are trying too hard to have fun. There’s the subtle, classy wedding, which is no fun whatsoever," he joked with Seth. Here's hoping that he doesn't actually believe this and this wedding turned out to be the bomb dot com. 


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4. The Heart Attack 

Colin Quinn, who is actually a native of the Park Slope neighborhood in Brooklyn (the only slightly less cool neighborhood in Brooklyn than my own, Carroll Gardens), has been single for a long, long time. Believe it or not, in spite of his age (he's 60) this is the first time he has ever been married, and given his wild days that's not exactly surprising.


When he wasn't working for SNL or writing for In Living Color or doing one of eight million other gigs, in the 1980s Quinn was heavily drinking, blacking out and getting arrested. He finally quit the sauce by the end of the decade, but he still feels the effects today. In February of 2018 he suffered a massive heart attack. Could this have left him more open to lasting love? 

5. What Keeps Them Together 

While Colin Quinn is a famous personality, he's also not a person who enjoys being out on the town, especially not as a sober man. That's one of the reasons this marriage to Jen might suit him. While she's in the industry just like he is, she's involved on the behind the camera side of the business which means she too may share a love of avoiding crowds. Colin and Jen are the perfect example of how couples can be pulled together by their careers and actually build a strong bond of intimacy because of that fact. No doubt as a producer Jen is used to dealing with some of the biggest egos in Hollywood. In fact, they probably pale in comparison to a comedian's! Add to this the fact that Colin doesn't have anyone to outshine him and they should get along just fine! 


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