Who Is Jacob Woloshin? New Details On Comedian Lindsay Glazer's Husband And The Scottie Pippen Lawsuit They're Embroiled In

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Who Is Jacob Woloshin? New Details On Comedian Lindsay Glazer's Husband And The Scottie Pippen Lawsuit They're Embroiled In Instagram

As the Scottie Pippen/Lindsay Glazer landlord-tenant feud continues to rage on, it's easy to forget that there's another person in the middle of all of this — namely, Lindsay Glazer's husband, who has also been named in the lawsuit and may also be liable to the basketball legend. If you thought the “Scottie Pippen gets mad over crayons” story was strange, be rest assured: it’s only the tip of the iceberg. Here’s what we know about Jacob Woloshin, the “other player” (ha!) in this ongoing courtroom saga. Who is Jacob Woloshin?


1. Jacob Woloshin is an interior designer

According to his bio on the Design House website, Jacob “has been involved in designing law firms, banquet halls and a train station. His philosophy has always been to create a unique property for the client that is both whimsical and well-thought-out so that the final product will last through time as a functional piece of art. He believes that the entire site, from the neighborhood to the landscape and even the interiors, must be creatively unified.”


He also has a master’s degree in architecture, and he’s a registered lobbyist.

There are some people who believe that Lindsay Glazer and Jacob Woloshin are being entitled, and their plan for publicity backfired.

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2. Jacob and his wife, Lindsay Glazer, put down a hefty security deposit

According to Vibe Magazine, it costs a lot of money to live in a former NBA player’s mansion, even after Hurricane Irma hits. The couple — who moved into the house with their daughter, their dog and their cat after their own home was destroyed in Hurricane Irma — put down more than $50,000 in a security payment to live in the Scottie Pippen’s home, though it wasn’t clear how much Pippen was charging per month in rent.

This case has been making national headlines. 


3. Jacob Woloshin wants to be removed from the lawsuit because he didn’t sign the lease

According to Heavy, Jacob Woloshin seems to be taking the “coward’s way out,” and asking the courts to remove him from the lawsuit. The outlet alleges that Woloshin doesn’t want to be included on the paperwork because he didn’t sign the lease. Rather, he says, it was his wife who signed the lease, and it was she who made the deal with Scottie Pippen to live in his house. However, the lease specifically states that it was Lindsay Glazer, Jacob Woloshin, their daughter, their cat, their dog and their live-in nanny/housekeeper that were going to be living there, so it should be interesting to see how the court rules with regard to that motion.

Lindsay Glazer and Jacob Woloshin have been making the news, but not for the right reasons.


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4. Scottie Pippen is seeking over $100,000 in damages

According to The Grapevine, Pippen is seeking over $100,000 in damages to his six-bedroom mansion in the heart of Fort Lauderdale. Pippen also recently amended the complaint to include Jacob Woloshin and Lindsay Glazer’s five-year-old daughter (though, it should be made clear, Pippen is only seeking monetary damages from Glazer and Woloshin, not the five-year-old girl).

While this move initially sparked outrage, one of the commenters on The Grapevine pointed out that the reason Scottie Pippen’s lawyers added the five-year-old to the complaint — with her name blacked out, of course — is that the parents were initially trying to claim that they weren’t legally responsible for the actions of a five-year-old. While this is unconfirmed speculation, it does make sense in the grander scheme of things.

Through their lawyer, Jacob Woloshin and Lindsay Glazer confirm that while there was some damage to the home, it was nowhere near to the extent that Scottie Pippen is alleging.


Scottie Pippen is suing the couple for over $100,000 in damages.


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