Who Is Jane Stuart? New Details On Kevin Dillon's Ex-Wife And Their Huge Divorce Settlement

The Entourage star and his ex-wife are fighting over child support.

Who Is Jane Stuart? New Details On Kevin Dillon's Ex-Wife And Their Huge Divorce Settlement Getty

Kevin Dillon is best known for playing the out-of-work and often broke actor Johnny “Drama” Chase on Entourage. Now the actor is out of work in real life and is telling divorce courts in California that he is too broke to pay the hefty alimony and child support fees he owes his ex-wife. Dillon and ex-wife Jane Stuart were in court recently over delinquent payments meant to cover his daughter’s private school tuition. Dillon was saying that his income now doesn’t match what he is supposed to be paying his ex-wife and their 13-year-old daughter. The judge thought differently and ordered Dillon to pay out a $1.7 million lump sum to make up for his missed payments.


What’s going on with Dillon and his ex? Read on for all the divorce details. Who is Jane Stuart?

1. Career

Kevin Dillon is the younger brother of 80s heartthrob Matt Dillon and has a notable acting career of this own. After doing small roles in film and TV, he had a breakout role in the acclaimed 1986 movie Platoon, where he played psychopathic soldier Bunny. He kept working steadily, playing parts in movies like The Blob, The Doors, Gone In The Night and Hotel for Dogs. In 2004, he started on the series Entourage, playing the younger brother of fictional actor Vinnie Chase. The series was produced by Mark Wahlberg and was loosely based on Wahlberg’s own Hollywood experience. Dillon was nominated for two Emmys and one Golden Globe for his performance.



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At the premiere of the Entourage movie.

2. Marriage

In 2006 he married Jane Stuart in Las Vegas. She was already pregnant with the couple’s child, who would be born a month after the wedding. His best man was his Entourage co-star Jerry Ferarra and another castmate, Kevin Connolly walked the bride down the aisle. Dillon kicked off the ceremony by yelling “Victory!” the catchphrase of the fictional character his Entourage character once played.


Stuart filed for divorce from Dillon in 2016 after ten years of marriage, according to Page Six. Dillon contested the date of separation she cited, claiming that they actually split in 2008, a point when he allegedly moved out of the home they shared. The dates matter because of California divorce law; after 10 years of marriage, a spouse is entitled to more support payments and has a claim on earning from the period of the marriage. The courts ultimately ruled in favor of Stuart’s version of events and decided that Dillon needed to pay about $11,500 per month in combined child support and spousal support payments.


Dillon has balked over support payments.

4. Tuition

The estranged couple kept fighting about money even after the court settled the matter of child and spousal support. Stuart intended for their daughter to keep attending the same private school in Calabasas that she had been going to since kindergarten but Dillon balked at the hefty tuition price tag. He claimed that he didn’t have the money to pay for the school suggested instead that the local public school was good enough. TMZ reports that Stuart didn’t want to make the switch, in part because of alleged drug problems at the Malibu high school.


Dillon needs to pay old child support.

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5. Back in court

This past week, Stuart had to get lawyers involved again, this time saying that Dillon was delinquent on tuition payments, according to Page Six. He claims that his income has dipped to $4,000 per month and he simply cannot afford the fees for his daughter’s schooling. The Blast discovered that the judge reduced his child support and spousal support amounts in deference to his lower cash flow but did order an “equalization payment” of $1.7 million to get Dillon caught up on what he owes. Evidently, that number is based on the value of a home the couple still owns and other assets from the time of the marriage. But Stuart didn’t come out looking totally innocent in this proceeding. The judge wrote that she was supposed to be making an effort to find work herself but has neglected to do so despite previous admonitions to get a job of her own.


Dillon has two weeks to contest the ruling.


This should be the last ruling before the divorce is finalized. Each party has 15 days to contest this arrangement but if they let it go forward, they will be officially divorced at that time.

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