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What Movie Each Zodiac Sign Must Watch

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What Movie To Watch, By Zodiac Sign

Girl's night!

The best way to round out a girls night party is with a movie that best compliments your zodiac signs. 

If your group shares the same zodiac signs, you will pick a movie that will fit all of you, no problem.

But if you are in a mixed group of zodiac signs, you may have some conflicting choices.

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There are a lot of movies out there that appeal to a bunch of different zodiac signs, so you may be able to appease everyone at the party. 

The best romance movies are the ones that make you laugh, cry and your heart swell. You will go through a rollercoaster of emotions.

At the end of a girl's night, you are a bit lose from all of the wine that has kept flowing the entire night, but if you are having a dry party, you will probably be giddy on sugary drinks.

You are stuffed from all the food and snacks that you have been snacking on and are laughing so hard at the stories everyone is telling. 

A girl's night is where you go for advice, to have fun, share stories and relax. When you are with a group of friends, you can have some time off from your everyday life.

A girl's night breathes a breath of fresh air into your lives. 

A romantic movie reminds you that true love is out there when you are down in the dumps.

They make you feel warm when you are lonely and happy when you are sad.

Whether it's a comedy or a drama, you will still laugh and cry, but you will feel better.

Enjoy girl's night and end on a high note that fits with everyone. Oh, and the classics are always some of the best movies.

So here are the best movie choices for each zodiac sign for girl's night and why. Enjoy your movie and don't forget the tissues!

ARIES (March 21 - April 19)

The Cutting Edge

The Cutting Edge is a romantic comedy that stars a figure skater Kate Moseley, played by Moira Kelly, and a hockey player Doug Dorsey, played by D.B. Sweeney. They are paired for an Olympic figure skating competition after her partner drops out of being her partner in the Olympics. They set out to make a sidelined hockey player into an Olympic figure skater.

Kate is a headstrong woman who has a need for speed. She likes being first in everything she does, especially in figure skating. She is determined to win the Olympic Gold and is passionate about figure skating. Kate embodies everything that an Aries is.

Doug is a lost hockey player that was sidelined by a permanent eye injury, ending his NHL career. He is a bit lost and this opportunity as a figure skater got him back on the ice. He is always looking for competition and has a need for speed, Like some Aries.

For a girls night in or a movie night, this sweet hockey player meets figure skater movie will entice your need for speed and your love of physical challenges and sports. You will walk away from this movie with warm and fuzzy feelings.

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TAURUS (April 20 - May 20)

Pretty Woman

As a Taurus, you are very tactile and hold emotion through touch. You will follow Edward Lewis, played by Richard Gere, and Vivian Ward, played by Julia Roberts, through an emotional roller coaster from being just a wealthy businessman and a Hollywood prostitute to lovers, then to finally falling in love and having a relationship.

For Vivian, touch is extremely important. At the beginning, she doesn’t want to be kissed on the lips, which they both agree on. This is too much intimacy for her and it’s something that is a symbol of love.

By the end of the movie, she falls for Edward and they finally kiss, showing how there is love now and passion in their relationship. She is very sensual and innocent while he is powerful and reliable.

This film fits perfect for a movie night at a Taurus’ house because they both characterize everything a Taurus is. You will fall in love with everything about this movie and will feel truly touched at the end of the night.

GEMINI (May 21 - June 20)

When Harry Met Sally

For your girl’s night in, get ready to watch two friends go from the friend zone to two people in love. When Harry Met Sally stars Meg Ryan as Sally and Billy Crystal as Harry. Sally and Harry go on a trip across the country by car after spending 12 years as friends. They hilariously show how friends can become more by taking the chance to find your true happiness.

Both Harry and Sally are quick-witted and when they are together, they find ways to bug each other. Harry tells Sally that there can never be male-female relationships because they always turn out complicated. So to show him, the create an experiment to show Harry that yes, people of opposite sexes can be friends. But this doesn’t work out because they fall in love.

So, this movie will make a perfect Gemini’s girl’s night movie because they are a perfect example of how communication can create a way for people to follow the path so that they can fall in love.

A Gemini is quick to adapt to anything that is thrown their way, so Harry and Sally both fall in love when they are stuck together twenty-four-seven and go through everything together. So, if you are looking for some inspiration to actually talk with the person you want to be with, you will find it in this movie.

Always remember that you can have whatever you truly desire because you can adapt to anything as a Gemini. Curl up with a glass of wine, popcorn, and candy and you will find everything you need to know in this movie. Oh, and don’t forget the tissues.

CANCER (June 21 - July 22)

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

My Big Fat Greek Wedding stars Nia Vardalos as Toula Portokalos and John Corbett as Ian Miller. This movie is about a middle class Greek American family, who owns a restaurant called the Dancing Zorba’s.

Toula’s life is consumed by her family, whom of which she is deeply attached to. She values their opinions but that has gotten her to where she is very unsure of herself and insecure.

Everyone else comes across as better than her and they put her down a lot of the time.

Toula has been raised to follow their Greek traditions and they have expectations of her to fulfill their traditions of marriage and motherhood, but she is resistant and questions their motives for setting her up with strange Greek men, which shows a Cancer’s personality because she is very skeptical and resistant to doing things she doesn’t want to do, even though she is sympathetic.

When she meets Ian, she is like a Cancer because she is a bit shy and she doesn’t know how to talk to him because she is shy.

She wants to appease her family, but she doesn’t just want to marry any Greek they set her up with. So, when she meets Ian, a non-Greek, she falls head over heels in love with him, and the same goes for him.

He shows characteristics of a Cancer by showing how he is sympathetic to her Greek roots and traditions. He is sensitive to how much her family is a part of her and is tenacious in showing her that he is not going anywhere, like other Cancers.

She is loyal to her family like Cancers are, but she needed to be loyal to herself this time. She had to decide what makes her happy and then move forward, even if her family raised cane about it.

So, Toula and Ian are a perfect representation of a Cancer’s personality and this movie will make a perfect ending to any Cancer girls night.

LEO (July 23 - August 22)

Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey is the steamy sensation that is the perfect movie for movie night at a Leo’s house. So we all know the plot of this movie, so for Anastasia Steele, played by Dakota Johnson, she is a strong, self-confident woman, who is hard to resist and loves passionately.

She is great at solving problems, such as when Christian Grey, played by Jamie Dornan, doesn’t let her touch his chest. So she finds out exactly where the no-touch areas are by drawing an outline in lipstick on him.

Christian is the epitome of a Leo. He is dominant, an always in control leader, self-confident (for the most part), and he solves any problem or obstacle that gets in his way.

He falls hard for Anastasia and he is very passionate, like other Leos. He may seem cold in the first movie, but by the time you reach the third movie, his heart opens up and you can see how warm-hearted he really is.

So, if you Leos are having a get-together, Fifty Shades of Grey will bring steam, excitement, and romance to any party. And don’t forget to take notes to bring back to your significant other to try out. :) But remember to stay safe, sane, and consensual.

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VIRGO (August 23 - September 22)

While You Were Sleeping

The movie While You Were Sleeping is a classic film that will complete any Virgo’s girl’s night in. This movie stars Sandra Bullock as Lucy, Bill Pullman as Jack and Peter Gallagher as Peter.

One day at the train station, Peter falls onto the tracks and was stuck on the tracks in the way of a coming train. Lucy selflessly jumps onto the tracks and saves him. At the hospital, she tells the nurse she is his fiance so that she would find out if he was OK.

Then the whole situation turns into a whirlwind when she falls in love with his family and his brother Jack, who she ends up with at the end once the whole story comes to light.

Lucy is so much like a Virgo because she has a very methodical approach to life as she works at the train station. She is very loyal to a fault. She is also shy, overly critical of herself, loves animals and she worries, like most other Virgos.

Jack shows Virgo traits of paying attention to the smallest details, loyal, hardworking at his father’s company and on his woodworking. Jack easily falls in love with Lucy because of who she is as a person. Virgos are attracted to each other because of how they complement each other and how they both have big hearts.

If you are looking for a movie to laugh and cry over on a girl’s night around Christmas time. This movie is the perfect one to round out the holidays. Just remember that you can find your true love and to not settle like Lucy would have done with Peter because it’s just easy. Go with what you want most in life and you will live happily ever after like Lucy and Jack did.

LIBRA (September 23 - October 22)

Moulin Rouge!

If you love musicals, drama, love, and disasters, Moulin Rouge! Is the movie for you to springboard your girl’s night. You will want to grab the bottle of wine, snacks, and food because you won’t be going anywhere.

This movie explores the forbidden romance between Christian, played by Ewan McGregor, who is an aspiring playwright, and Satine, played by Nicole Kidman, who is a courtesan and a cabaret actress.

Satine is the perfect example of a Libra because she is cooperative with her “owner” Zidler and humors him in setting her up with the Duke to get his patronage. She doesn’t want to confront Zidler because of his hold he has on her and that she is showing her inner Libra.

Christian also shows traits of a Libra because he is condescending of himself, indecisive, and he holds a grudge against Zidler and the Duke because he wants something that they have, Satine.

But in the end, they do get to be together, for a short period of time and Christian gets to put on plays at the Moulin Rouge in Paris.

So, for your get together as a group of Libras, you will love this movie because you can connect with the characters on a level no one else can. You will fall in love from the beginning to the end.

SCORPIO (October 23 - November 21)

The Proposal

If you are looking for a really funny movie to brighten up your ladies night, The Proposal will have you falling over each other laughing after a few glasses of wine.

Margaret Tate, played by Sandra Bullock, and Andrew Paxton, played by Ryan Reynolds, create a perfect romantic comedy where Margaret needs to marry Andrew to keep her citizenship and ultimately her publishing career because if not, she was going to be sent back to Canada.

Margaret embodies a Scorpio’s personality as a fierce leader, who knows what she wants and how to get it. She likes to know the truth and the facts before she makes any decision. She stays calm and cool until towards the end when she falls in love with not only him but with his family.

Betty White, let's just take a moment to say how awesome she is, plays Grandma Annie. Gammy is very passionate about her family and her roots. She gives thanks to her ancestors by chanting in the forest, which is one of the most iconic comedic moments she shares with Margaret. This is my favorite part of this movie by the way.

So if you are in the mood to probably wet your pants laughing as you roll on the floor while you clutch your sides because they hurt. But it’s so worth it, just saying.

SAGITTARIUS (November 22 - December 21)

Letters to Juliet

Letters to Juliet is one of the sweetest, most heartwarming movies out there. You will instantly fall in love with the characters and the story. Sophie, an aspiring writer goes on a pre-honeymoon vacation to Verona, Italy with her fiance Victor, who is a chef. Once there, she finds “letters to Juliet” tucked into the wall, which are replied to by the “Secretaries of Juliet.”

She finds an old letter written by Claire in 1957 that never had been replied to, unknowingly that Claire would return to Italy with her grandson Charlie to see if they could find Sophie.

Once they meet, they decide to try to find her Lorenzo that she hasn’t seen in 50 years, One could say that Sophie was promising more than she could deliver, like some Sagittarius,’ but she stays optimistic and enthusiastic that they would find him.

And while they were on their trip, Sophie and Charlie fall in love. At the end, everyone finds their happily ever after and is a true romantic comedy.

This movie shows how ones quest for adventure and one person’s quest for her one true love will come together for everyone to find love.

These characters follow the path of a Sagittarius because they all are open to exploring, well, albeit Charlie was a bit reluctant to. This movie shows that as long as you are optimistic, you can achieve everything you have ever desired, even the things you thought would never happen in a million years.

So, if you need a little inspiration because you are down in the dumps and feel like you will never, ever find your true love, watch this movie because it will reignite your belief in true love.

CAPRICORN (December 22 - January 19)

The Wedding Planner

On the off chance, you have the weekend off from babies and family duties, The Wedding Planner is an excellent movie for you. You will laugh, you will cry and you will fall in love with one of the most timeless movies out there. You can watch this movie over and over and it will never get old.

This movie, starring Jennifer Lopez as Mary and Matthew McConaughey as Steve is the perfect representation of a Capricorn. Mary is a family oriented (Showing how she fits as a Capricorn), single woman who plans extravagant and romantic weddings, who is being hounded by her father to marry.

She runs into her new client, Steve, and they are instantly intrigued with one another.  

Mary is the master of her own self-control, like all the Capricorns out there, but she is thrown off by Steve. He makes her reckless and impulsive.

For a Capricorn, this movie hits all the spots because it underlines family, tradition, responsibility, discipline, how a woman can be fierce and in charge and really stubborn. To all the Capricorns out there, this movie will resonate with you very well because of the shared traits you have. Enjoy!

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AQUARIUS (January 20 - February 18)

You’ve Got Mail

You’ve Got Mail stars Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. This is the perfect movie for an Aquarius’ movie night because they are both deep thinkers. They are both bookstore owners who meet online and start sending emails back and forth to each other for advice, to vent, to tell someone about their day, etc.

They both love to be alone some, which makes online communication the best for them, which is another characteristic of an Aquarius.

They quickly fall for each other online and decide to meet one day. She runs from him because she doesn’t like the feelings she is having, which is like an Aquarius because they often run from emotional confrontations. They finally give in and fall deeper into love once she decides to take a chance.

If you are looking for the best movie for tonight or girls night, look no further. This is the one for you.

PISCES (February 19 - March 20)

Fifty-First Dates

Fifty-First Dates is the perfect movie for a Pisces girls night. This romantic comedy is the best-matched movie because the characters embody everything a Pisces is. Lucy (Drew Barrymore) was in a car accident that has caused her to have short-term memory loss.

Every day she wakes up and doesn’t remember what happened the day before. So, every day that she experiences something new, she forgets once she goes to sleep.

Lucy is artistic like many Pisces out there. She loves music and is gentle. She is mostly seen singing “Wouldn’t it be nice” by the Beach Boys as she paints the garage.

She loves helping others at the mental hospital once she starts to live there for a little while and she is ok with being alone some of the time, again like some Pisces.

Henry (Adam Sandler) falls in love with her from the first moment he saw her. He soon finds out about her short-term memory loss and will go to any lengths to make her day brighter, showing the selflessness of a Pisces, even though he knows that she will not remember it the next day.

He is super compassionate and he is gentle with Lucy as well as with the animals he takes care of.

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