25 Best Tattoo Ideas For Dad

Dad should rock these trending and classic ink-looks.

25 Of The Best Tattoos For Dad getty

There are many passions, hobbies, and loves a father has in his life. From his family and children, to his work and activities, the options to express himself through body art are endless.

While ink can be extremely personal, sometimes we need a inspiration and creative tattoo ideas. That's why we've put together 25 of the best tattoos that are perfect for Dad to rock. 

1. Geometric symbols 



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One of the most popular tattoo trends at the moment is the use of geometric shapes, figures, and lines (just walk through Brooklyn, New York). While geometric tattoos may simply look straightforward to someone on the street, it can actually have a significantly deeper meaning. For example, four lines could signify each member of the family. 


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2. A child's initial 



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Just like Lenny Kravitz rocks a Z on his finger for his daughter Zoë, us non-rockstar folk can follow in his lead as well. While small and simple, a child's initial tattoo is a great way to always be reminded of them, no matter where you are. 


3. Musical notes



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For the fathers that are musically inclined, whether they love listening or playing, adding musical notes may be a perfect body art addition. This is also a place to be creative, aside from musical notes Dad can feature his favorite instrument or song lyrics as well. 

4. Nostalgia 



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With the talent in the tattoo industry, it’s now possible to have life-like replicas of old imagery inked onto our bodies. For the dad that has strong family attachments, a classic image of his parents or grandparents might be a great reflection of the importance of family.


5. Bar tools



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Whether an actual bartender or the hostess with the most-est, bar tools can be a fun and creative way to node to nights and experiences out, or for those who love the craft of mixology.

6. The Dad with balance 



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Between managing work, life, family, and all the emotions that come with each, it’s important for a dad to maintain balance. Whether that balance be mental or emotional. We love the idea of the split heart and brain, because it completely captures what being a good dad means: one of perfect balance.


7. Brushstroke child names 



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Just like your child’s initial, incorporating a child’s full name on your person can be a great way to honor and represent them. Even more than simply writing in their name on you body, try incorporating the newest tattoo trend of brushstrokes.

8. Baby's hand and footprints



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What’s more special and beautiful than your baby’s footprint and hand prints at birth? In fact, they’re perfect enough to get inked onto your body.


9. An airplane



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For the dad who loves to travel, an airplane or global tattoo might be the perfect expression to put on the body. This is especially a good idea if they love to bring along their families on their adventures.

10. Man's best friend



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There’s a very special member of many families, their loyal and lovable pups. For man’s best friend, what’s a better way to express your reciprocated love than getting their adorable faces on your person?


11. Family portrait 



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Established tattoo shops and artists do an incredibly good job at line work and fine detailing. With these qualities, we highly recommend having them work on a beautiful family portrait.

Whether Dad decides to fill in or create an outline, a family portrait tattoo is an amazing way to constantly be reminded of the most important things in life.


12. An attribute to nature



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For the outdoorsy dad, a node to nature is the perfect body ink to get. Whether it’s the beach or mountainside, there’s so many creative and expressive directions to take this style of body ink that the design ideas are endless.

13. The enlightened Dad



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Whether a renaissance man, a history buff, or one who appreciates art, Michelangelo’s interpretation of man and God is a beautiful piece to get inked onto the body. As it is work that is extremely detailed, we’d ask our dads to find the Michelangelo of tattoo artists out there.


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14. Watercolor



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The tattoo world is constantly emerging with new styles and techniques that are trending (like brushwork and geometric figures), but one of the newest trends is something we’re excited for. This trend is watercolor. The ability to draw color in such a fluid manner is not only artistic, but down right cool.


15. Childhood heroes



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We all know Dad is a superhero, so why not get a true Marvel or DC superhero inked on Dad’s body? Between Captain America, Ironman, Batman, and countless other characters, there’s bound to be one that’s respected enough by Dad.

16. Fall on your sword



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Sometimes known as the protector of the house, Dad inking a classic sword on his body may be the most symbolic object to signify such a respected roll. While we also believe women can be the protectors of their household as well, this may be the best couple tattoo idea to symbolize the perfect home guards.


17. Brave as a lion



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Nothing screams bravery like a lion with a full mane. A great reflection for Dad to sport on his body to reflect the bravery he feels over his lion cubs.

18. The book nerd



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We all love to get lost in our favorite stories, the same goes for Dad. Whether a Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings fan, there’s something special in inking Hogwarts or the Shire.


19. The wolf pack



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Wolves, as animals, set priorities when it comes to their family and pack. The Alpha Male makes sure his pack is healthy and safe, and always acts as the protector. He’ll even hang at the back of the crowd to make sure no one falls behind or is vulnerable.

20. House of cards



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The King is one of the most valued cards in a deck, just like Dad is one of the most respected members of a family. Our personal opinion, when rocking a King card tattoo, make sure the suit is a heart, because Dad always has the biggest heart.


21. The spiritual Dad



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Perfect for the Yogi Dad, a practicing mindful or yoga pose is a great representation of the tranquil and spiritual nature of their persona. For Dad, try incorporating the pose or position that may be his favorite or most challenging to master, acting as a continuing symbol of the dedication to his practice.

22. Road trip



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Are there fond memories of family road trips, whether as a child or as a Dad? Getting a scenic representation with an automobile may be a beautiful node to the times spent together as a family.


23. An attribute to home



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Whether from the big city or a small town, Dads who have a deep connection to their hometown may want to pay a tribute. A few suggestions include: important or popular landmarks, attractions, or even the name itself.

24. Wise words



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Dad can be full of wisdom, that we know! Whether it’s an inspirational quote he lives by, or a phrase constantly repeated, it can be an excellent tattoo idea.


25. Somewhere tropical 



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We all need a vacation; in particular, Dad needs a vacation. A quirky node to a vacation tattoo could be the perfect reminder that a trip needs to be put in the calendar. We’re big fans of the pineapple.

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