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Who Is Luke Stone? New Details On 'The Bachelorette' Contestant Who Eliminated Himself Because Of All The Luke P. Drama

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Who Is Luke Stone? New Details On 'The Bachelorette' Contestant Who Eliminated Himself Because Of All The Luke P. Drama

Every season when there's a new season of The Bachelorette, I, like the rest of Bachelor Nation, live in hope that somewhere among the glistening smiles of the Ken dolls lined up to win the Bachelorette's heart, there stands the man who she will one day call her husband. It doesn't always happen. In fact, it almost never happens, but sometimes it does, and if you're a romantic than you already know the truth: we live for the promise "of sometimes."  People who are cast on the show, however, aren't always going in with quite the same feelings of love and romance. When Luke S. joined the cast, it was hard to say what his reasons were for being there. But now that he's eliminated himself from the competition, it's clear to see that he wasn't up for the drama. Let's find out more about Luke S. and the reason why he bid Hannah and the Bachelor mansion a big buh-bye. Who is Luke Stone?

1. Luke S. Bows Out 

According to the powers that be (so, you know, Reality Steve), Luke S. is going to choose to elimate himself on the Monday, June 3rd installment of The Bachelorette. It's always a big deal when one of the contestants chooses to eliminate themselves. There are really only a couple of different reasons a guy (or gal) does so and neither reason makes them look really good. Firstly, men and women will leave if they discover that they have been caught dating someone off the show. That'll get ya kicked off, but some folks quit before it can happen. The other big reason they leave? Feeling like they just aren't that into the Bachelorette. But believe it or not, neither of those are the reasons why Luke S. has chosen to leave the show. 

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2. The Group Date 

On the episode in question, Luke S. and the rest of the gentleman (lol, the rest of the boys I should say, who am I kidding) discover that they are going on a group date with Hannah. This should be a time of celebration, but it is not. It almost never is with group dates. There's too much pressure, will you be selected for the date, and if so, how will you manage to stand out from the pack? 

This date in question was designed to highlight the contestants' athletic prowess or, you know, their total lack thereof. Hannah requested that the men join her for a friendly game of rugby. You know, the sport so violent that football was invented just so people would stop dying while playing outside?  The 13 guys were selected and they divided into teams and of course two of the guys playing were Luke S. and Luke P.! Spoiler alert: Luke P. is the worst. Moving on. 

3. The Ambulance Ride 

During the game, the drama that's been building between Luke P. and several of the other men in the house reaches a boiling point when Luke P. does something pretty reprehensible. You see, Hannah just wanted a display of the dudes and their muscles, she doesn't know that Luke P. has already made zero friends among the men he's living with and competing against. Luke P. is playing the game hard, and in the process of playing, he injures another contestant so badly that an ambulance is actually called and that contest is taken to the hospital. Now accidents in sports happen all of the time, but Luke S. has an issue with this case: he doesn't think it was an accident, he thinks that Luke P. did it all on purpose. 

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4. Unnecessary Roughness

Now see, Luke S. has been clear since the show began that he is in the house for one reason only: For Hannah. He doesn't like it when he sees other people playing games or just trying to get on TV, and that's definitely what he thinks is happening with Luke P., particularly after this violent rugby game. So he decides to talk to Hannah about it. Here's where things get super awkward, because see, whatever Luke S. said to Hannah about Luke P., and whatever her response was to Luke's reveal about the perceived intentional violence during the game, Hannah's response is what made him decide to leave! That's right, it ain't Luke P.'s fault, at least not directly. 

5. His Real Feelings

If you've come on The Bachelorette to make a name for yourself, to make money as an Instagram influencer, or get your big break on TV and hopefully parlay that into other work, it's kind of impossible to have a bad time on the show. Heck, even if you don't get the girl, you get the brand recognition and your 15 minutes of fame. But for someone like Luke S. who has chosen to be on the show to meet the love of his life, finding out so early on that she doesn't have the moral character of someone you want to spend the rest of your life with can be a pretty big blow. But hey, better to walk away now that win it all and discover that she is a sentient pile of garbage, amiright Luke? 

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