15 Best Candy Bar Ideas For A Sweet Wedding — Literally!

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Best candy bar ideas for a sweet wedding - literally

A lot of time goes into planning the menu for a wedding, but how much effort are we putting into the sweet treats? That may be the part of the night that gets your guests' attention! 

“When it comes to deciding on a dessert station at your wedding, I want raise the bar a bit,” says Andrew Roby, an event planner and owner of Andrew Roby Events. “I want it to be a little more extreme as if it was your very own Willy Wanka factory.”

Dessert grazing stations do not get the type of attention they deserve. So, think about coming to a table that has all of your favorite desserts for you to pick from. For those who love family style weddings, these dessert grazing and candy bar ideas fit perfectly.

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1. Color options

“First and foremost, decide if you want to keep a color scheme with your candy choices,” advises Rula Khoury, director of events for Sweet Beginnings by Sugar Factory. If you want to go with your own wedding colors, you have to be strategic with which candies you choose.

This wedding candy buffet includes 2 pounds each of Sparkling Prosecco Cordials, Gold Almond Jewels, Rum Cordials, White Chocolate Sugar Cookies, New York Espresso Beans, and Milk and Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels. 

(Just Candy, $199.95)

2. Have variety

“If you don't need a color scheme with your candy bar, make sure you have variety in choices,” Khoury says. Think: sours, gummies, chocolates, lollipops; the list goes on and on.

Have different types of candy colors and flavors so it’s a fun party buffet. For example, this one includes two pounds each of Sixlets, Chocolate Caramel Filled Balls, Milk Chocolate Minis, Gumballs, Dum Dums, and Buttermint.! There's something for everyone!

(WH Candy, $153.99)

3. Get creative with the decor

Set up the candy in different size and shaped jars and vases. “To add even more variety to your candy bar, get creative with the different jars and vases for your candy,” Khoury suggests. You can even decorate the jars to go along with your wedding theme.

For example, you can try this pack of 12 reusable chalk effect sticker labels. They're great for using on candy bar jars, or jam jars as alternative favors.

(Etsy, $5.27)

4. Give takeaway bags

Provide to-go bags and twist ties. That way, your guests can bring the sweetness home with them. “The whole point of having a candy bar is for guests to enjoy the sweets. Provide cute to-go bags for guests to create their own candy bags,” says Khoury.

(Etsy, $.67)

5. Do the work for them

When you'd rather save your guests time, you can always provide pre-made candy bags for them. Says Khoury, “Make up some pre-made to-go bags ahead of time so guests can grab and go some candy, either on their way to their table or one their way out.”

For example, this cotton candy comes in clear, sealed treat bags and are made to order. 

(Etsy, $29.99)

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6. Go retro

Nostalgia is huge this year in weddings, so when putting together your candy bar, consider going back in time! “Guests will be delighted that you’re transporting them back down memory lane. Better yet, you can easily buy vintage-inspired candy online,” says Kylie Carlson of The International Academy of Wedding & Event Planning.

Blue Raspberry Laces are strings of flavored licorice that are roughly 36" long and are soft with a dull finish. They haven’t been seen very often in recent years, so you can make this a fun throwback for your guests.

(OldTime Candy, $3.69+)

7. Add some cotton candy

Cotton candy can be a whimsical addition. Plus, it's delicious and fun! 

“I’m seeing more couples stick strictly with cotton candy and nothing else on their candy bar. They come in an array of colors and flavors and, if you’re lucky, you may be able to bring a professional on site to make it for your guests as an interactive display,” suggests Carlson.

(Etsy, $26.40)

8. Play dress up

“Let your guests deck themselves out with candy. It’s a little dose of fun in the midst of a formal day! You can offer a slew of candy necklaces, bracelets and ring pops," says Kevin Dennis of Fantasy Sound Event Services.

(Candystore, $25.99)

9. Heat things up

If you're marrying in the winter time, pair your candy bar with a hot chocolate station so your sweets can do double duty. “Your rock candy sticks can serve as stirrers, while any number of candy-coated chocolates can be a topping,” Heather Jones of Wente Vineyards says.

And if you're short on ideas, why not try out this hot chocolate bar sign to add to the mix?

(Etsy, $3.90)

10. Add bubbles

“We’re seeing more couples gravitate toward a bubble bar for their guests during cocktail hour,” says Jones.

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It’s a memorable way to dress up your celebratory bubbly. Think: sugar rims, rock candy, and a touch of cotton candy. You can even pair it with champagne-flavored gummy bears to take home at the end of the evening.

(Sugarfina, $8.50+)

11. Leave little gift boxes

In addition to giving your guests choices of sweet treats, you can also opt to provide gift boxes. That way, they can take their candy home! And is there a better gift than takeaway candy? We think not.

(Etsy, $1.30)

12. Provide boozy treats

Of course, this candy bar is about desserts and candy, but something fun like fruity jello shots work in the same way. Plus, you can get your guests even more tipsy while satisfying their sweet tooth.

(Etsy, $35.10)

13. Add personalized coasters

Yes, this is a candy bar, but having personalized coasters for your guests works as mini plates or just to hold coffees and espressos. That's especially helpful if your dessert table includes a coffee or hot chocolate station.

(Etsy, $34.99)

14. Consider a macaron station

It's said that Meghan Markle had macarons catered in for her baby shower's dessert table. And if it's good enough for a duchess, it's good enough for your wedding candy bar.

(Etsy, $38)

15. Maintain the mood

This is a wedding, after all. While flowers are just as beautiful, consider keeping the mood romantic with lots of candles along the table.

(Etsy, $9.95)

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