Who Is Lindsay Glazer? New Details On The Comedian Being Sued By NBA Star Scottie Pippen — And Their Strange Legal Face-Off

Florida's gonna Florida.

Who Is Lindsay Glazer? New Details On The Comedian Being Sued By NBA Star Scottie Pippen — And Their Strange Legal Face-Off Lindsay Glazer Official Website

In case things couldn't get stranger in the state of Florida, news has just been released that NBA star Scottie Pippen is suing his former tenant for damages to his home in Broward County. Yet his move seems to have backfired on him, and now, his tenant is making the news. Who is Lindsay Glazer? 

Talk about a crazy landlord-tenant battle! The faceoff between NBA star Scottie Pippen and comedian Lindsay Glazer has been raging on for a few months. Yesterday, however, Pippen’s battle with Glazer made headlines again when he amended his court complaint to add Glazer’s 5-year-old daughter to the lawsuit.



Here’s what we know about Lindsay Glazer, and how the legal battle between her and Pippen has gotten surreal, even by Florida standards.

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1. The beef started over a missing knife set.

According to Lindsay Glazer’s official website, the beef between her and Scottie Pippen — whose mansion in Broward County she rented after her own home suffered damages during Hurricane Irma — started when Pippen claimed that Glazer not only damaged his home but also stole a Cuisinart brand knife set.

Glazer, however, saw this petty accusation as an opportunity to be a savage, and set up a GoFundMe to raise money for both the missing knives and the Fisher House Foundation, a charity which helps provide a “network of comfort homes where military and veterans’ families can stay at no cost while a loved one is receiving treatment,” per their website.


“All of the money raised here will go directly to the Fisher House Foundation. Additionally, as a thank you to those of you who make a donation, we’ll go ahead and send Mr. Pippen the colorful replacement seen in the photo for his missing Cuisinart knife set. All proceeds (after the costs of the knives – $14) will go to the Fisher House Foundation – Helping Military Families,” Glazer wrote.

Lindsay Glazer is a lawyer-turned-actress and comedian.


2. Scottie Pippen claims Lindsay Glazer’s daughter damaged his house beyond repair.

According to the Broward New Times, the reason that Scottie Pippen and Lindsay Glazer’s legal drama roared back to the front page of the news is because he amended his complaint to include Glazer’s 5-year-old daughter.

“Pippen alleges Glazer's family caused over $100,000 in damages to the home by neglecting to maintain it and allowing animal urination. Pippen originally incorrectly named Glazer as part of the wealthy Glazer family worth $4.5 billion,” writes the outlet. The outlet also alleges that Glazer’s 5-year-old daughter has a habit of peeing in places where she shouldn’t be peeing, which is another thing that caused irreparable damage to the home.

Lindsay Glazer is known for her "savage" comedy routines. 


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3. But Pippen’s lawsuit backfired against him.

In a different report for the Broward New Times, when Scottie Pippen filed the renter’s lawsuit against Lindsay Glazer, the Broward County Tax Department went after him.

The reason?

Florida has what’s known as the “Homestead Law.” Under this law, any residence in Florida that is a qualifying primary residence is subject to tax breaks. The amount of the tax break granted depends on several factors but what’s important to note is that Pippen filed for a Homestead tax exemption on this house that he subsequently rented to Glazer.


And that’s a huge no-no.

As a result of misrepresenting the mansion as his primary residence — when, in actuality, he hasn’t lived in it for more than a decade as he tried to sell it off — he was hit with a bill for back taxes totaling more than $13,000.


Scottie Pippen is learning the hard way that "petty don't pay."


4. Really, Scottie Pippen? Crayons make you mad?

The Miami Herald reports that Scottie Pippen is becoming Scottie Petty in this legal battle. In his amended complaint, Pippen said that Glazer’s 5-year-old daughter “vandalized his property” with crayons and markers. He went on to say that Glazer’s daughter’s scandalous ways are proof-positive that Glazer and her husband “weren’t raising their child properly” and that they’d “failed as parents.”

Or…maybe a 5-year-old colored on the walls because she’s a 5-year-old doing what 5-year-olds do.

Either way, this is definitely a strange legal case, and one we’ll be keeping a close eye on in the near future.


Lindsay Glazer is using this opportunity to promote her comedy. 

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