March Madness Time: 5 Reasons To Date A Girl Who Loves Sports

When you're watching basketball 'round the clock, you want a woman who can relate.

women cheering basketball

I love me a neck-and-neck basketball game, live for that giddy feeling before the NFL playoffs, and would never miss a Slam final between Rafa and the Djoker.

I'm just a girl with a deep appreciation for the magic that takes place on field, ice and court, and enjoy dishing with other women who feel the same way. Oh, you do, too? Well, we're pretty awesome girls, which has got me thinking during this March Madness frenzy. I might be a little biased, but... I'm A Female Sports Fan—Why Is This A Turn-Off?


I totally think guys should date us. Right? We're each kind of a great catch. (Wink, wink.)

So, if you know Anthony Davis is No. 1-seed Kentucky's freshman phenom or that you should never count Tom Izzo's Spartans or Coach K's Blue Devils out, this is for you: reasons to date a girl who loves sports. But feel free to send it out to dudes en masse as a reminder.

1. You get to watch the game without distractions. Dating a girl who loves sports means you won't be helping her rearrange furniture or be taking a trip to see her parents on a Sunday afternoon. There will be no nagging to go shopping when your team has the ball with 3.3 seconds left. She'll be watching the game, too. And in fact, if you say something to break her concentration, you will be promptly shushed. I'm A March Madness Widow


2. Two heads are better than one. You two can pool your vast knowledge of college basketball to make bracket predictions and destroy your colleagues. The satisfaction of knowing you were oh-so spot-on is fabulous, but a cash prize doesn't hurt either...

3. She'll let you vent. Cannot believe the coach of your favorite team burned through three timeouts in the first half, running out by the end of the game? Need to yell about how the best player choked, missing four free-throws in crunch time? She'll let you share your concerns. Just let her vent, too, okay? She'll be just as peeved. March Madness: Must-Know Vocab

Next: Your friends will love her, and you can take her to the game...

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4. Your friends will love her. She'll never be at a loss for words around the guys when she can incite a debate over LeBron and MJ, or which players belong on an all-time baseball Dream Team. There's nothing worse than dating someone your friends secretly despise. Avoid that debacle, and date someone they can talk to.

5. No friends around? Take her to the game. Have you ever been dying to see the Cavs play, had an urge to catch a last-minute ball game, or had friends back out on the Broncos, after you already bought tickets? Yeah. That sucks. Unless you're dating a girl who loves sports, of course, who would be happy to go to the game with you, scream like crazy at the referees and offer insights on big plays.

Your turn, ladies: Why should a man date a woman who loves sports?