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Who Is James Middleton? New Details About Kate And Pippa Middleton's Hot Younger Brother

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Who Is James Middleton? Details Kate Middleton Pippa Middleton Brother

Looks like Kate Middleton and Pippa Middleton aren't the only ones who got good genes.

James Middleton, 31, the younger brother of the Duchess of Cambridge — and her sister, famous for stealing the show at Kate’s wedding to Prince William with her curve-hugging bridesmaid dress — is an entrepreneur, avid runner and very easy on the eyes.

He was recently spotted out by Radar on a run with friend and actor Spencer Mathews, 30, and his new girlfriend. Middleton is staying at Mathews’ family owned hotel in St. Barts called Eden Rock, a favorite for A-list celebrities on the Caribbean island. According to Metro, Eden Rock has been visited by the likes of Beyonce, Elton John, Brad Pitt, and Leonardo DiCaprio.

The entrepreneur has had a rather difficult year.

Early in 2018 his relationship with English media personality Donna Air, 39, ended and his own company reported massive losses over the course of the past three years. Middleton founded and owns Boomf, a company that makes personalized marshmallows. Cosmopolitan reports that most recently the company lost $3.9 million.

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After dropping out from the University of Edinburgh after attending for only a year, he decided to launch his own cake company called Cake Kit Company in 2007.

The company sold personalized DIY cake kits and sent them directly to your door. He told British GQ that his dyslexia made academics difficult for him and his true passion lied in baking cakes and wanted to build a “cake empire."

Unfortunately, his cake company dissolved in May of 2015. James is currently working as the tour guide for Glen Affric Lodge near Loch Ness, owned by David Matthews, the father of Spencer Mathews and of Pippa's hedge fund manager husband, James Matthews according to the Daily Mail.

Middleton was also a known party boy before his older sister Kate Middleton married Prince William and they were just dating. In 2008, he was photographed drunkenly urinating on a public street in London after his 21st birthday party.

The pictures weren’t released in the UK but were released in Australia and went viral.

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GQ also reported that in 2008 he was pictured “dressed up in a French maid's outfit, wearing fishnet tights and a fetching shade of fuchsia lipstick” that was leaked on the internet and also went viral. This brought negative media attention to Kate and left people wondering if she would be a good fit for royalty.

This negative attention led James Middleton to hate the tabloids and media and therefore doesn’t have any personal social media accounts. Insider reports that he took “extreme measures” to keep himself out of the media.

“I would wake up early and rip out of the newspapers any stories about Kate,” he once said.

Rather than be on social media, he prefers to spend time doing his hobbies of fixing old tractors or breeding dogs. William and Kate’s royal dog is actually a gift from her little brother.

James also enjoys being an uncle and spends a lot of time when away from work visiting his royal niece and nephews.

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