Who Is Fatboy SSE? New Details On The Social Media Star And His Arrest For Marijuana Possession

Has: humor, an animated personality, weed. Doesn’t have: stealth, large vocabulary, a valid license.

Who Is Fatboy SSE? New Details On The Social Media Star And His Arrest For Marijuana Possession Instagram

This past Monday, rapper and social media star Fatboy SSE was stopped for a traffic violation, at which time he was also charged with possession of marijuana and bail jumping a few outstanding bench warrants. Fittingly, he documented every moment after his arrest for his five million Instagram followers, captioning the video of his release with: “THEY CANT HOLD US BACK #FATBOYGANG.”

Now, this isn’t Fatboy’s first head-butt with the authorities. Is there anything especially different this time? And for those of you who have no idea who this man is…Who is Fatboy SSE?


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1. Fatboy SSE is Tyriq Kimbrough

He’s a 25-year-old rapper and social media sensation from Irvington, New Jersey. He gained his initial following from posting funny videos and his fan base has now grown to a few million.



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2. He’s been dealing since he was 14

He started out with just weed and dime bags before moving onto harder drugs. He was in and out of jail for some time before finally deciding to get a job at Chipotle. After a few months he was let go, which is when he started to build an online following on his YouTube channel.



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3. He lost his sister to street violence back in 2008

When she died, he found himself at the risk of being incarcerated again, so he decided to quit the drug dealing and focus on leading a normal life with a regular job, which is when he started at Chipotle.



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4. His music toes the line between parody and serious lyricism

As he began to rise in popularity, a follow from Meek Mill and a re-tweet of one of his skits by 50 Cent furthered his burgeoning superstardom. Eventually he began collaborating with other Internet stars, like Jiggy and Asia Keys. He also had a girlfriend, Jas, which ended pretty poorly back in February.


5. He reaaaaaally likes weed

Understandably. If Breaking Bad taught me anything, it’s that there’s money in drugs. Plus, I also like the smell of weed. I just feel like…if you’re making enough with your legal profession, maybe you should stick to that one over the illegal one. Or at least move to a state where it’s not illegal.

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