11 Easy, Cheap Ways To Decorate Your Home Or Apartment To Completely Transform It (And Make It Your OWN)

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Your place is your place, and you should feel proud of it. If you think your space needs a little TLC (or even if you just want to do some updating for fun), there are tons of small, inexpensive things you can buy and do to completely transform the look and style of your home.

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I should tell you that I’m no expert when it comes to interior decorating. Nor am I someone who tends to redecorate my own place that often. However, I do know the power of a nice accent chair, a splash of color to wake you up in the morning and a container to put all your stuff in. It makes you feel good to know that your space is truly yours – and functional.

If you’re struggling to find the right items to transform your space and bring you joy, then this list of cheap things to get for your place is for you.

1. Plants, plants and more plants.

Oh, and throw in some vases, too, while you’re at it. Plants are simple, fragrant (or not, if you opt for fake ones) and therapeutic. Use flowers, foliage and even vines to bring the outdoors in. Plants make you breathe easier and smile more, as long as you’re not allergic, so go wild with your flower selection.

2. Add some color to your room with pillows!

Decorative and comfy pillows are great for couches and beds alike and can add dimension to a room for very little cost. Mix and match colors, patterns and sizes to create an inviting seating area or a welcoming bedroom. Experiment with different textiles as well to find the softest, bumpiest or frilliest pillows possible!

3. Side tables and coffee tables are both functional and transformative.

Cheap end tables can be found online or at various retail stores. Consider using triangular tables for corners and dark wood or glass tables with sharper edges for a more modern look. If you prefer a more traditional style, stick with rounded tables and a lighter wood finishing.

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4. Buy lamps to give dark corners light.

Standing and table lamps are relatively affordable and are especially useful if you don’t have sufficient overhead lighting. Select darker lampshades for a muted hue and lighter lampshades for larger areas to light. You can be as quirky or practical as you would like for the base since many are designed to look like different objects, animals or people.

5. Curtains can maintain your privacy and serve as an accent piece.

Curtains can keep the heat in, the cold out and neighbors from peering in at you at night. While many homes and apartments already come with plastic blinds, adding fabric curtains gives depth to any room. There are countless colors and designs from which to choose, so don’t think you’re limited in your selection. Make sure to pick the correct size and length for your wall, though.

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6. Wall decals are great for big, empty walls.

Framed pictures and paintings are great, but they can also be expensive. An alternative to these is wall decals. Decals are stickers meant to be attached to a wall without damaging it and can cover large spaces quickly. They can be quotes or pictures, so get creative with them.

7. Storage containers. They’re necessary.

Whether underbed storage containers or organizers for your drawers or closet shelves, containers can de-clutter your space in a jiffy. They can also make getting ready in the morning, preparing meals and performing your daily tasks easier because you will know where everything is. Storage ottomans and other furniture with hidden storage compartments can make your unsightly junk have a beautiful home in the center of your room.

8. Get long rugs for hallways and wide rugs for open spaces.

Even if you already have carpet, survey some new rugs for your space. A large area rug can make a living room feel homier, and matching runners and smaller rugs can connect all rooms in your home. Some rugs are machine washable, making maintenance simple, whereas others can be vacuumed normally and protect your flooring from stains and scuffs.

9. New knobs can transform your old dresser drawers or cabinets without spending an arm and a leg.

Do you have an old table, chest of drawers or cabinet that needs some TLC? Instead of refinishing it, try replacing the old knobs or handles for a fresh, new look for virtually no work or money. Any hardware store will have plenty of knobs and handles to choose from, so take some time to sort through your options.

10. Bookshelves and bookends fill unused space on your wall and bookshelf, respectively.

Bookshelves can be short, wide, tall or even curvy. If you have a blank wall that needs something (and, hopefully, some books or knickknacks you’d like to display), buy a bookshelf! If you don’t have enough small items to fill your bookshelf, bookends are great, decorative objects to purchase.

11. Anything small that catches your eye!

Now, this isn’t very specific, but you’ll know what I’m talking about when you see it. Maybe it’ll be a little elephant trinket you find at Walmart or a weird, geometric box that reminds you to think outside of the box. Whatever it is, invest in it. Get little items that bring you joy and improve the overall look of your space whenever you can to make your space yours.

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