Gift Of Thrones! 30 Best 'Game Of Thrones' Gifts For The Dedicated GOT Fan In Your Family

"Game of Thrones" may be over, but the gifts just keep on coming.

Gift Of Thrones! 30 Best 'Game Of Thrones' Gifts For The Dedicated GOT Fan In Your Family

Even though Game of Thrones has officially ended, there are still plenty of people who want nothing more than to stock up on all the goodies and gifts inspired by the hit HBO show. What are some of the best Game of Thrones gifts?

We've scoured the Internet to find some of the best Westeros-based gadgets, gizmos, and gifts for your favorite fan of Game of Thrones, and here are 30 of the best ideas we've seen. 


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1. Personalized candles

One of the easiest — and most inexpensive — gifts you can give to your favorite Game of Thrones fan is these personalized candles, made by Instagram artist Henna Artist. These candles represent House Targaryen and House Stark, the latter of which, of course, ultimately won the Iron Throne. To get your own set, DM the artist on Instagram for details. 



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2. A phone case with Arya's "kill list." 

Case Khazanaa is offering customized Game of Thrones-inspired phone cases, suitable for any phone model. Her case features Arya Stark's so-called "kill list," and can be ordered by commenting on her post on Instagram



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3. Hold The Door!

Some gifts need no explanation, especially for die-hard Game of Thrones fans, and these Hodor-inspired door stoppers certainly qualify. Stamp It Yours — who makes these and other Game of Thrones inspired gifts — has them on back-order, and want you to DM them on Instagram to find out more details about when they will next be available.



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4. Personalized charcuterie boards

Dinner is certainly coming on these customized Game of Thrones-inspired charcuterie boards, which can be personalized with your family name. Expressive Monograms sells them for $28 at their Etsy store



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5. Got the perfect gift? Wrap it up!

After you find the perfect Game of Thrones-inspired gift for your loved one, make sure to pick up a roll of matching wrapping paper designed by Canada-based The Polka Dot Penny. It's available for $18 on their Etsy website



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6. The perfect tankard

For the beer-drinking Game of Thrones fan in your life, this customized tankard by The Sword Dungeon is sure to please. It's available for 55 GBP (about $70 USD) on their website



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7. The perfect tumbler

For those Game of Thrones fans that are celebrating sobriety, Trim & Julka are offering these customized tumblers to hold any soft drink of your choice. It's available beginning at $19.99 on their Etsy website


8. Dracarys!

For those Game of Thrones fans who like hot coffee in the morning — or in the evening — this heat-induced color change cup will definitely tickle their fancy. It's available on eBay for $9.85 each!



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9. All yours, matroyshka matroyshka matroyshka ya ya...

Matroyshka dolls aren't as popular as they used to be, but these clever Game of Thrones inspired matroyshka dolls made by Tatyana Danilchenko & sold on her Etsy page for $175.00 will be perfect for the fan that likes a little kitsch in their life. 



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10. Mother of dragons

Treble Metals has this gorgeous Game of Thrones-inspired pendant made of Czech glass & precious stones for the fan who pledges fealty to House Targaryen. As with many of the gifts on this list, this one's available at the Treble Metals Etsy shop, and it goes for $30. 



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11. Animal magnetism

These custom-made magnets featuring all your favorite Game of Thrones characters were hand-drawn by the lovely Laurie, who goes by Ms. Frieda's Classroom on Instagram. The set of 12 magnets is available on Ms. Frieda's Classroom's Instagram page, and it can be all yours for $7.95


12. Where are my dragons?!

Rose Gift Cottage Crafts offers this awesome trio of "dragon eggs" which can be painted any color you'd like, and are perfect for safe-keeping of small valuables, such as jewelry or coins. Contact Rose Gift Cottage Crafts directly for your personalized Game of Thrones eggs, as they're custom made for each order. 



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13. A Song of Glass and Fire

Los Angeles-based Flow Coasters is offering special custom-made Game of Thrones glass coasters featuring House Stark and House Targaryen made of epoxy glass, so they won't break under the pressure of your favorite mug of goodness. Contact the artist directly for more details on a custom-made order. 



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14. Perfect for Father's Day!

Have a dad that's totally crazy about Game of Thrones? He'll be thrilled with this custom bottle — and if you order now, you'll get it in time for Father's Day! It's available for $35 on the P's Pretty Paper & Glass Etsy site



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15. Dracarys! Part 2

Thanks to the popularity of the Targaryen dragons, Game of Thrones-inspired gifts tend to feature them more often than not. And this metal-based pendant by Mystikz Gaming is yet another example of creativity featuring Drogon, Viserion, and Rhaegal. The pendant glows in the dark & is available for $9.99 on the Mystikz Gaming website!



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16. You know nothing, Jon Snow.

Some Game of Thrones inspired gifts need no explanation — and this shirt featuring Ygrite's infamous line is one such gift. A similar one by Customon can be purchased on their website for about $30. 



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17. Pillow talk

Another infamous Game of Thrones saying comes courtesy of Tyrion Lannister: "That's what I do. I drink and I know things." And that saying is available on this pillow! You can get it at the Coastal Crafts NJ Etsy shop for $25



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18. A clever goblet

...and in case having Tyrion's infamous saying on a pillow wasn't enough, you can get it on this officially licensed Game of Thrones goblet, too! It's available for 12 GBP (about $15 USD) at Up Memory Lane Interiors in England.

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19. Dreamcatcher

This Targaryen-inspired dreamcatcher is perfect for your more artistic Game of Thrones fans. It's made by PGS Crafts in Bangalore, India, and the artist requests you DM her on Instagram for a custom order and quote. 



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20. And now our watch has ended.

Do you know what time it is? With this Game of Thrones-inspired clock featuring the direwolf head of the House Stark, you'll never be confused! GiftWrap The Scrap has the clock on sale, and requests that you DM them directly for custom quotes. 



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21. It's a nice day for a Red Wedding

Looking for the perfect gift for your groomsman? This flask and four glass gift set inspired by Game of Thrones is a perfect choice! (Here's hoping your wedding ends better than Robb Stark's did.) It's available at the Whiskey Topper Store, and can be purchased for about $45



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22. The Hand of the King

Inspired by the pin worn by various Hands of the King in Game of Thrones, this pin is just right for your bestie and right-hand man (or woman!). It's available from the Fantasy Fork website for about 32 Euros (about $35 USD)



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23. A book for the Maesters

Whether your favorite Game of Thrones fan likes journaling, writing poetry, or just needs a place to take notes, this customized book with the House of Lannister seal is perfect for him (or her!). It's also available from the Fantasy Fork website, comes in several different varieties, and is available for about 13 Euros (about $16 USD)

24. Let 'em know who's boss

You're not a princess or the Lady of the House — you're a Khaleesi! And no better way to show them all who's boss than with this customized Game of Thrones plaque. A similar one is available for $12 on the GotWood Etsy shop.



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25. You don't need a million to smell like a million

Yes, folks, there's even Game of Thrones inspired scents, in case you were thinking that Lady Sansa smelled like lemon cakes and felt inspired to do the same. Odara Skin Care makes a full line of these inspired scents, and each bottle costs about $40



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26. The North Remembers.

Ever wonder what Winterfell smells like? Wonder no more with this Game of Thrones-inspired scented candle, which apparently smells like snow. Snow has a scent? Okay then. Pick up yours from the Ancient Trees Etsy shop, which goes for $16



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27. Better living through chemistry

This is probably the most fun anyone's ever had with chemistry, like, ever. Right now, the official "Table of Thrones" is offering free shipping for the rest of the month, and you can pick up yours for $26



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28. For the Khaleesi whose dragons sparkle

Are you a girly-girl type who wants to let the world know? This Game of Thrones inspired glittery pillow features the infamous title of Danyerys Targaryen with a flirty twist! You can pick up a similar one for $31.95 from the FofoFoto Etsy shop



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29. A Girl Has No Name

For the Game of Thrones fan who worships Arya Stark. But don't we all? ZonaShirt is making these "vegan" shirts available in most adult sizes for about $22, and you can pick yours up on their website.



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30. For the mother who wants to rep all her dragons!

What better way to show your love for your dragons than to have their names engraved on this Game of Thrones inspired cup? You can pick up yours on the Styled Just for You Etsy site, for about $13


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