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What The Sun In Gemini Horoscope And The 10 Of Swords Tarot Card Mean For Your Love Life And Relationships

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10 of Swords

Happy Gemini season everyone! On May 21st, the Sun entered Gemini and will be staying until June 21st, when we welcome Cancer season. 

What does that mean for our zodiac signs? Well, aside from awesome birthday parties the Gemini babies are throwing, it means the celestial body governing the ego, character, will and personality is now in the information-trading, communicative, cerebral, Mercury-ruled sign of Gemini.

Funnily enough, despite how fun Sun in Gemini is normally, in tarot, the card that corresponds with this placement is the 10 of Swords.

Isn't that the one that usually shows the dude getting stabbed by 10 swords? Right through the back? ...Yeah, that's the one.

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Now, Geminis, please don't get in a tizzy. Yes, at first glance this tarot card leaves a lot to be desired. It is called the "Lord of Ruin," after all. However, the swords mean thought and communication.

Gemini is always thinking and always communicating. And the number 10 symbolizes the end of a cycle. Combine this and you can get information overload, which can lead to disillusionment, which can feel like ruin. Ideas and thought patterns we once thought true and solid were slowly pierced away by even more truth swords.

Themes like betrayal come into play here; humiliation, the results of bullying. There's also worrying too much about what others are saying about you. The Sun represents the ego, and the swords are words, which can be worse weapons than, well... actual weapons for some people.

Another theme of this card is overkill, as well as doing too much. When you do too much, you can feel fragmented and scattered, much like you just got skewered (metaphorically) into different sections.

Gemini is notorious for being scattered as they tend to take on too much. All of that thinking and mental energy can lead to a cynical view of life as you consider all possibilities and learn about as many things as possible, and it's obviously not all puppies and butterflies in this world.

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What does this card mean for relationships? Well, the advice of this card is to watch against scattering your energy. With the end of spring and the rise of summer coming, the flitting energy of Gemini can bring a whole lot of fun times and new people.

If you're single, this can signal an interesting relationship on the rise. This is especially true if you recently left a relationship. The 10 of Swords, while bleak for the most part, shows the start of a sunrise in the background (depending on what deck you get).

Another thing here is to watch your words. With the mind and ego highlighted here, there's a high chance of saying the wrong thing during this period. In some cases, the damage can be irrevocable.

If you're in a relationship that's clearly not going where you thought it was, the advice of the 10 of Swords is to accept endings as they come.

As your mind is highlighted, the blinders come off. You're seeing that a person isn't who you thought they were. If you end up being the one getting let go of, just take note of that metaphorical sunrise in the background. 

Does this mean this season is littered with breakups as far as the eye can see? No, it doesn't. This calls for discernment and a careful look at others, as well as yourself.

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Lexie Marshall is a writer, tarot reader and environmentalist. When she's not writing, turning cards or trying to save the world, she's normally found buried in a book.