Who Is Casey Brengle? New Details On The Wag! Dog Walker Caught Having Visitors At Client's House On Camera

Casey Brengle is a quintessential example of the “YOU HAD ONE JOB” meme.

Who Is Casey Brengle? New Details On The Wag! Dog Walker Caught Having Visitors At Client's House On Camera Facebook

The 26-year-old dog walker from California was caught bringing guests unannounced into Rosie Brown’s home when she was supposed to be walking Brown’s two dogs, Penny and Daisy, while Brown attended a cousin’s wedding in Louisiana. Who is Casey Brengle?

What else is there to know?


1. Ironically, she was caught by the doggie cam

Brengle is (was) a highly rated dog walker, with over 200 five-star reviews on Wag! For this four-and-a-half day job of house sitting and dog walking, she was set to make $315. Needless to say, she was a seasoned Wag!er. The camera, which doubles as a treat dispenser, was apparently situated conspicuously on the kitchen counter, and Brengle admitted she was fully aware of its presence. The doggie cam sent Brown an alert. “On the preview on the alert, it showed a man in our house, someone that I wasn’t expecting,” Brown told KGO. “So I opened it up and that’s when I saw she was there with a man in our house and they were going straight for our bedroom.” The video, provided to KGO-TV, shows that the man had visited the home multiple times, as well as Brengle’s parents, despite the app prohibiting third-party visitors. Brengle said that Brown had allowed her boyfriend to come over on a previous job, though she admitted that she didn’t run it by her this time.


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2. She did more than just have unannounced visitors

Brengle was also seen sitting naked on Brown’s couch, which she justified by saying that “it got hot” and she doesn’t “like wearing clothes.” Brengle also denied that she had sex in any of Brown’s bedrooms.


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3. She barely even walked the dogs!

The camera documented that she only took Penny and Daisy out for a few minutes even though she was hired to do it for 30 to 60 minutes. It’s one thing to violate an app’s rule, but it’s another to violate and not even do the job you agreed to do!


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4. This isn’t the first incident on Wag!

Wag! does thorough background checks, but only once at the beginning of the process. Since the fall of 2017, Wag! had received 47 complaints, some alleging that walkers weren’t showing up, items were being stolen, and dogs were getting loose. In April, the Better Business Bureau gave Wag! an “F” rating for its response to the complaints. Later it was changed to “NR” (not rated) while the company worked to “improve their process for responding to and resolving consumer complaints.”


This month, Wag! got an A+. And then this happened.

Pro tip for pet owners: meet walkers before handing over your dogs, disclose any potential issues, and invest in a doggie cam.


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