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5 Ways To Spend Quality Time With (Wo)Man's Best Friend —​ Your Dog (AKA Furbaby)

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Your dog is more than your dog. You know that, your dog knows that and most of the world knows that. Getting a furry friend changes your life, and it definitely changes their life.

Keeping them happy and healthy is your responsibility as a dog owner, but it isn’t always a cake walk. Learning your dog’s habits, needs and quirks takes time, but you’ve developed a relationship with him or her.

Your dog wants to see you happy, and you want to see your dog happy.

Maybe you’ve noticed your dog sulking with his or her tail down. Maybe your dog’s not eating. Maybe you just miss seeing your dog’s tail wag a mile a minute. Or maybe you’re concerned that your dog might become sad later. Any reason why you want to keep your dog, and yourself, happy and healthy is valid.

These suggestions may help you and your best friend bond.

1. Have doggie spa days.

Your dog needs baths and pampering just like you do – just maybe not as often. Take a day to pamper your pet with a brush, soap and water and some down time.

Because not all dogs enjoy baths and spa activities, you should encourage your dog with treats and positive reinforcement. Your dog will appreciate feeling clean and will love spending an afternoon with his or her person.

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2. Go for long walks.

Most dogs like walks. In fact, they need walks. It’s easy to get in the habit of taking your dog out for a quick walk at the end of the day rather than going for a jog, a run or just a longer walk.

Mixing up your walking routine will excite your pup. You should go to a different park occasionally, let your dog run free in your backyard for a while and stop and smell the roses. Literally. Stopping when and where your dog wants to for an hour is a great idea. You’ll be sniffing a lot of roses, but it’ll be worth it to see your dog relishing the outdoors.

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3. Cuddle, and cuddle some more.

If your dog likes cuddles, invite him or her up in bed or on the couch with you. Snuggle up together and watch your favorite movie or just chill. Embrace your relationship!

I’ve been known to have full conversations with my dog while we’re cuddling, so…

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4. Treat your doggo to some human snacks.

Depending on what your vet says, and how well you’ve trained your dog, sharing some table scraps or feeding your pup some people food with dinner can be a great way to give your dog some extra love. Be sure to feed your dog people food in moderation and to discourage him or her from begging for more.

If you do not feel comfortable giving your dog human food, then you can treat them to dog food that resembles human food or higher-quality dog food.  

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5. Get out and socialize!

Go to a dog park and meet with other dogs and dog owners. You can also schedule doggy play dates with friends’ dogs or sign your pup up for socialization classes. Anything that gets both you and your dog out and about with other dogs and people is guaranteed to make you and your dog happy.

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