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Who Is Brooks Koepka's Girlfriend? New Details On The US Open Winner's Girlfriend Jena Sims

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Who Is Brooks Koepka's Girlfriend? New Details On The US Open Winner's Girlfriend Jena Sims

Chances are if you are a golf fan you've already celebrated Brooks Koepka's win at the PGA Championship. But no matter how devoted you are to the sport, that doesn't mean you necessarily know everything about the players' personal lives. For example, how much do you know about Brooks' girlfriend Jena Sims? If you answered with "uhhh" then you are absolutely in the right place! Who is Jena Sims? We're here to break down the story between golf's current golden boy and his model slash actress girlfriend. Here's everything you need to know about Jena Sims. 

1. Her Introduction

Brooks Koepka might be on the list of PGA's pin-up boys, but whether you're in the golf world or not, chances are you've heard of his girlfriend, Jena Sims. Most people were introduced to Jena in 2017 at Golf's big day, the U.S. Open, but the introduction to Brooks' new lady didn't exactly go the way she probably hoped it would. The announcer called her by Brooks' ex-girlfriend's name! But Jena took it in stride. “I think being that we went to Vegas right after the win for five days, we kinda escaped it,” Sims said to Golf Digest. “We were in our own little world in Vegas celebrating. So we didn’t really have to experience what the media blew it up to be. We were by the pool and the casino just hanging out, no worries about that at all. And Brooks ended up meeting Joe Buck. They’re totally cool.”


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2. Working Woman

At this stage in the game, Brooks and Jena have been together long enough that fans of Brooks now recognize his girlfriend and often stop to ask her to pose for photos. When it happened as she was speaking with Golf.com, they asked her it if happened often to which she replied, “It does,” she said. “But it’s nice.” When Jena isn't making friends and taking photos with eager fans on the golf course she's got a career (or two) of her own that need tending. Jena has enjoyed a successful career in the world of modeling and acting. She's already got 139,000 followers on Instagram and starred in Sharknado 5 in 2017.


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3. Entourage

One of the TV shows that has long been a backer of Jena is the HBO comedy Entourage. From the show itself to the movie, Jena has had both speaking and non-speaking roles. Working with the team at Entourage is what she considers being her first big break in the industry after moving to the west coast. “That was one of my first jobs in LA,” Sims said. “It was a non-speaking role; I was a flight attendant for Jerry Jones in his private plane. So I got to go on Jerry Jones’ plane. It was really cool. Meeting him was really neat. And that was my first time being inside a private plane, so I was in awe. And the writer and producer Doug Ellin, who’s actually a really big golf fan, I got to know him. And we stayed in contact over the years, and I auditioned for a part in The Entourage movie, and I got a speaking part in that, so that was cool.”


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4. Giving Back

Jena, as we've covered, spends most of her time rooting for Brooks on the golf course or booking various acting and modeling jobs. When she isn't keeping herself busy that way, one of the other major passions in her life is giving back. In fact, she actually started her very own non-profit group. The non-profit is called Pageant of Hope which is dedicated toward celebrating, elevating, and empowering young women. Making the girls feel special is essential to their message. According to their website, a huge part of their focus is on cultivating inner beauty to help bolster a young girl's growing sense of self-esteem. 


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5. Pucker Up 

Recently, rumors erupted that all was not well between Brooks and Jena. What spurred this talk of trouble in paradise? Well, prior to winning the PGA Championship, Brooks was all business as he walked through the course. In fact, he was so focused that he majorly dissed Jena. Seeing her boo getting ready to tackle the championship title, Jena ran up to kiss him. When she realized her kiss wasn't what he was looking for, she abruptly pulled away. Both parties rolled their eyes at the idea that this was anything other than big game nerves. And hey, whatever his mindset, it worked out and he won! 

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