Who Is Steph Curry's Sister? New Details On Sydel Curry Who Is Married To Her Brother's Teammate

The sister you need to know more about!

Who Is Steph Curry's Sister? New Details On Sydel Curry Who Is Married To Her Brother's Teammate Instagram 

Growing up in a family full of famous people can be challenging. Sure, you've got your own gifts and you're happy for the success of your nearest and dearests, but the truth is it can be easy to feel lost in the shuffle. That's why some siblings of famous folk go the extra mile to make their own mark. Sydel Curry may not play basketball like her brothers Steph Curry or Seth Curry or her husband Damion Lee, but that doesn't mean she's content with a life on the sidelines. Find out everything there is to know about the awesome member of Curry family you could stand to know just a little bit better. Who is Steph Curry's sister?


1. Basketball Roots

While Sydel Curry-Lee isn't a professional basketball player herself, the NBA is an important part of her life, and it has been for a long time! Sydel was born into basketball — her father Dell Curry played for a long time player. Her brothers are professional 'ballers too, with Steph playing for the Golden State Warriors and Seth playing for the Portland Trailblazers. Although volleyball was her sport of choice when it came to athletics at her Elon University, it's clear she's got a soft spot for basketball and for the men who play it! Sydel is married to Golden State Warriors' guard Damion Lee who she met in 2013. 



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2. Who To Root For?

Going into the Western Conference Finals, it just so happens that the Trailblazers are playing the Warriors. For Sydel, it's no question: she has to root for the Warriors all the way. Fair enough, since they've got her husband playing AND one of her brothers, so sorry Seth! Thankfully, the Curry parents will be wearing different jerseys in support of both their boys. "I think they agree with me that the idea of it was amazing — and it is amazing,” Sydel said. “It’s a blessing that Stephen and Seth are on the court against each other like this. But then once it gets here, you have to deal with the other feelings that come with it.”



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3. Her Facebook Show

While she may not be in the NBA, Sydel's connections are out of this world. It makes sense that she'd capitalize on that and build a career for herself. To that end, she hosts her own Facebook Watch show, Sydell Takes On, in which she interviews different celebrities in an informal setting. According to a press release, those tuning into Sydel's show expecting solely NBA related content are in for something of a surprise. Instead of covering all things basketball and basketball adjacent, she's delving into a whole host of other interviews with famous people, including Issa Rae, Chance The Rapper, Alicia Keys, Sofia Vergara and Eddie Murphy.



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4. Defending Her Own 

One of the best things about Sydel is the fact she doesn't back down from a fight when it comes to defending her family. When her sister-in-law Ayesha Curry recently caught heat in an interview for being less than enthusiastic about her husband's female fans and the kind of attention they give her man, Sydel was right there on Instagram backing up her girl. "Let's continue to speak our truth and not be ashamed," she wrote. "The people that REALLY matter are listening and are feeling less and less alone. There are so many mama’s and women out there who relate to you and your truth and this is giving them the confidence to speak their truth and raise their voice! Your willfulness to share is beyond and we are all so thankful! Love you and the woman that you are!"



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5. "Wine"-ing With Ayesha

The special bond that Sydel and Ayesha share can't be overstated. The two women have recently gone into business together, launching their very own brand of wine, Domaine Curry, and I can't think of two other women I'd rather sip wine with and chat to all day long. In an interview with The Undefeated, Sydel spoke about the business, saying: "In our family, we love wine. We go towards any kind of cabernet that’s big, bold and super-jammy. Ayesha and I wanted to do a project together that explains our relationship and explains the women in our family. The 2015 vintage is called Femme 31. In Proverbs 31, it talks about the virtuous woman. There’s a Scripture there that explains how a woman gains her earnings in the field and plants her vineyard. The virtuous woman takes care of her family and herself, just like the women in our family. We wanted to make something we can pass on to [nieces] Riley, Ryan, my future daughter and all of the Curry women."


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