Who Is Sonya Curry? New Details On Steph Curry And Seth's Mom And Who She's Rooting For In Western Conference NBA Finals

Sonya cheers on both sons despite the split jersey plan.

Who Is Sonya Curry? New Details On Steph Curry And Seth's Mom And Who She's Rooting For In Western Conference NBA Finals Sergey Nivens / Shutterstock

How often can parents say that they have two children that are competing on opposing teams in the NBA Finals?! In spite of the controversy that could lead to serious family trouble, the Curry family has found a way to support both Steph and Seth on the journey to the NBA Finals. Who is Sonya Curry?



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1. Sonya Curry

Sonya Curry is the mother of not one but two talented professional basketball players. Sonya was previously best known as Dell Curry's wife but due to her vibrant personality she is now recognized as Steph Curry's mother. Sonya didn't grow up in the best financial environment in Radford, Virginia. Sonya experienced racism as a young child as well as when Dell was drafted by the Charlotte Hornets. She met Dell in college at Virginia Tech, where she played volleyball as a student athlete.



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2. A house divided

Steph Curry's godmother, Michelle Bain-Brink, came up with the idea that Dell and Sonya should wear split jerseys in order to support both of their sons. It was a sigh of relief as they realized there was a way to be encouraging throughout the game as the playoffs were quickly approaching. A coin toss was the decidng factor. The front of Sonya's jersey displays Seth’s No. 31. The front of  Dell's is Steph’s No. 30. The back of their jerseys are the reverse, with Sonya sporting Steph's and Dell Seth's. 



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3. The Controversey

Sonya was caught cheering for Steph when he continuously made shots but she was in fact wearing Seth's jersey during that time. It shows that your motherly duties are never uncomplicated, as she couldn't help but cheer for both of her sons during the game. Steph admitted: “When I made a shot, I saw her stand up and cheer and I saw her in all Portland gear. It’s just weird."


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4. Brother vs. Brother

Seth plays for the Portland Trail Blazers and Steph is a player for the Golden State Warriors. In the NBA Westen Conference finals this year, they are not only brothers but competitors. Some brothers can only dream of a rare moment like this but these two are actually living it! They may be putting their parents on edge as they decide how to support both Currys, but being on opposing teams has not stopped them from showing brotherly love, in fact, it has brought them even closer together.

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