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Who Is Quinnen Williams' Mom? New Details On The Number Three NFL Pick And His Mom

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Who Is Quinnen Williams' Mom? New Details On The Number Three NFL Pick And His Mom

Who is Marquischa Henderson Williams? Before her passing in 2010, Henderson made an impact on the lives of others as a teacher and mother. Henderson lived in Birmingham, Alabama with her family and is remembered for having a smile that could light up a room. Yvarta Henderon, Marquischa's mother told NBC Sports that she is reminded of her daughter every time she sees her grandson, Quinnen Williams. “I don’t care what happened in life. Good or bad, she would still be smiling,” Yvarta said. “Quinnen does the same thing. You can’t read him sometimes because he’s always smiling. He’s always happy. That’s just him. He’s always like that.” It has been nine years since her passing, but the pain of losing her still remains. According to Henderson's husband Quincy Sr., her passing has allowed the family to establish a close bond as they work hard to honor her memory. “I can see it every day. We actually live for her,” he said. “… You can see her in all of [our children], through big and little things they do. She is with us every single day.”

Here's everything you need to know about Marquischa Henderson and her middle son who became one of the top draft picks, Quinnen Williams. Who is Quinnen Williams' mom?

Quinnen Williams talks to ESPN about his bond with his mother Marquischa Henderson.  

1. She passed away in 2010

Henderson battled cancer multiple times in her life. She previously beat cancer into remission in 2005, but in 2010 it resurfaced. Henderson kept the information a secret from her family for months. Then July 4, 2010 she her health quickly declined and she ended up in the hospital. “She went in that night,” Yvarta said, “and she never came back home.”

Henderson passed away five weeks later.

Quinnen Williams retweets post saying he is thinking about his future. Even though his mom is gone her memory still influences him.

2. She was an educator 

Before her passing, Henderson was enrolled in an online program at the University of Phoenix, where she was working to obtain her master's degree. While doing so she also worked as a first grade school teacher. Her mother, Yvarta showed SI News the chair her daughter would sit in to do her work. “She used to sit right there and do her work,” she said. “Her and her laptop.” Henderson was one of a long line of teachers in her family. According to NBC Sports, she had always stressed the importance of having an education and pushed grades over football. Her mindset helped guide Williams to enter college at the University of Alabama on scholarship.“My grandmother, my mom, my aunties, they’re all teachers,” Williams said. “They make sure I stay on the right path." Though he made the decision to declare himself eligible for the 2019 NFL Draft, Williams has every intention of going back to school to earn his degree. He plans on doing so for himself and his mother. “That’s something I want to do for myself, but I know she would want me to do that,” Williams said. “She would also recognize the opportunity is a needle in a haystack for someone where I’m from. I have to take this chance and run with it.”

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3. She had four children 

Henderson left behind four children: Quincy Sr., Quinnen Williams, Giovanni Williams and Ciele Williams. Her death hurt her son Quinnen the most. “Quinnen took it the hardest,” Quincy Jr said. “He was a momma’s boy, the one with the big heart. The only person he talks to, really, about it is me. When we do talk, I let him know every single time how proud she is looking down at us.” Though Quinnen isn't the oldest child, he quickly took on a parental role for his younger sister. “I make sure she’s okay,” Williams said. “Make sure she’s taken care of and that I’m there for her and just try to be an example of becoming a great person on the field and off the field.” His brother Quincy is also an NFL player for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Henderson's four children and their Grandmother courtesy of NBC Sports.

4. She was an Auburn fan 

Henderson was a huge Auburn fan. Williams was also an Auburn fan growing up and was committed to the team for a while. However, he still chose to attend the University of Alabama. “The majority of his passwords still have Auburn in there,” William’s father said. “He just kept it consistent I guess because he remembered the password.”


A post shared by Quinnen Williams (@thequinnenwilliams) on Jan 11, 2019 at 9:40am PST

Henderson's son chose Alabama over her favorite team Auburn. 

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5. Her son Quinnen continues to honor her 

According to Heavy, Williams has several tattoos that are dedicated to Henderson, including a chest tattoo of a breast cancer sign with pink stars. He along with his family also go all out for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, wearing all the pink they can manage to find. In addition to the tattoos, Williams writes down her name on his wrist tape before every game. He does it all to make her proud.

6. He's expected to be one of the top draft picks

As the draft day was approaching, William's was projected to be one of the top five picks. According to Fansided, the young football player was excited about what the future had in store. “I’m excited,” he said. “I’m not anxious or nervous or anything like that. I’m just excited. I’m just blessed to be in this position, who I am now, to get to share this with my family has been amazing.” He continued to say that no matter what, his character would stay the same. “At the end of the day, I don’t care what team I go to. I want to be the same person, I want to feel how I feel, be me first. I’ll always be Alabama on the field and off the field.”

The NFL Draft started on Thursday night for the first round picks. That same night Williams was selected by the Jets as the third overall pick. Williams had just told Fansided that he was confident in his football skills.“I feel like I’m the best player in the draft,” he said. He continued to say how his mother would react to his name being called. “I know she would be very proud of me,” he said.

Quinnen Williams speaks after being selected by the Jets. 

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