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Who Is Kaine Louzader? New Details On The Man Accused Of Torturing Cats He Got On Craigslist

Photo: St. Charles County Jail 
Who Is Kaine Louzader? New Details On The Man Accused Of Torturing Cats He Got On Craigslist

There's an agreement human beings make with the animals we bring into our lives. Whether we are adopting a new pet, or whether we're a farmer who employs animals to help them earn a living, the feeling is the same: animals may not be human beings, but they look to us to treat them with care, attention and good intentions. When this contract is violated it's utterly heartbreaking. Recently a man in Missouri was arrested for doing exactly that. Well, not exactly that. We aren't talking about charges of animal neglect, this guy allegedly took it much further. Kaine Louzader stands accused of using Craigslist to amass quantities of cats which he then tortured and killed. Here's what we know about his story so far. Who is Kaine Louzader?

1. The Allegations

After a witness informed the local police that they saw him disposing of a dead cat's body, officers arrested 20-year-old Kaine Alexander Louzader of St. Peters, Missouri. The charges laid before him were certainly grim, and you don't have to be a cat person to see why. Kaine was arrested on charges of felony animal abuse after police claimed that he tortured, toyed with and killed at least 12 cats. Anyone who has read any true crime will tell you that torturing animals and killing them raises an instant red flag. Not only is it an indicator usually associated with criminality like serial killers, but it's also just straight up creepy. If you're spending your time amassing, torturing and maiming cats before killing them, chances are all are not well in your mental-emotional life. 

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2. Craigslist

According to the criminal complaint written up by responding officer Sergeant Ochs, Kaine admitted that he used the popular community site Craigslist to collect the cats that he would abuse, torture and kill. According to Kaine, he never intended on caring for any of the cats. Instead, he wanted to strangle them or drown them all in a bucket on his patio. That wasn't the worst of it by a long shot. Kaine admitted to officers that he “dismembered some by removing the heads or cutting off the limbs.” He also frequently stomped on the heads of the animals before removing their limbs and getting rid of their remains by dumping them throughout his neighborhood. 

3. Getting Caught 

You'd think that disposing of dead cats throughout your neighborhood would lead to a quick arrest, but that wasn't the case. Eventually, though, his neighbors agreed that something had to be done. Particularly when neighborhood children began finding the completely mutilated cat remains in their front yards. After a witness spotted Kaine getting out of his car to dispose of more remains, the authorities swooped in. They asked him about the scratch marks on his arms and he initially said that he got them while he was at work. It didn't take too much pressure from the powers that be to get him to admit that they were defensive scratches from a cat he recently killed. 

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4. More Charges 

Currently, Kaine is being held in the St. Charles County Jail with a $50,000 bond on his head. The judge is taking this case extremely seriously: he made it known that Kaine could only pay his bond in cash, and while normally a 10% payment of the bond is due to ensure release, here it must be paid in full before Kaine can leave the jail. The chances are that while only a few charges have been filed against him, more are going to come. This is because in Missouri the murder of an animal is listed as being a felony if the court can provide evidence that the animals in question were tortured while they were still alive, something that Kaine has already intimated in his interviews with the authorities. His hearing has been scheduled for May 21st. 

5. Who Is He?

Not much is known about who Kaine is, other than a young man accused of doing some truly horrific things to innocent animals. His public Facebook page isn't very informative, but it does feature an illustrated Biblical quotation about the power of God as his cover image. One of his favorite quotes is this eerie number: "Once you learn how to die, you learn how to live." Kaine apparently lives with his grandparents and works at a local hospital, a deeply unsettling fact when you consider the charges against him. If he did this kind of stuff to innocent animals, could he have done other things to humans in his charge? Currently, he has no known arrest record which is reassuring, but could also simply be because he never actually got caught before. 

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