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Who Is Nick Gruber? New Details On Calvin Klein's Ex Boy Toy And His Violent History

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Who Is Nick Gruber? New Details On Calvin Klein's Ex Boy Toy And His Violent History

If you've heard the name Nick Gruber recently, it might have been in connection with a possession charge, an assault charge, unlawful imprisonment charges, porn or in association with Calvin Klein. Since Gruber stepped into the spotlight in 2010, he's kept it by staying busy as a resident bad buy, with involvement in drugs and porn. The real question is: who is Nick Gruber and how did he end up involved in all of these things? 

1. A rough start to life

Nick apparently had a very rough upbringing. Financial troubles when he was in high school led him to a welfare office where he was approached about a modeling career. The truth was that the man who approached him knew that Gruber would be a great fit for a sexual fantasy. Gruber needed money, which drove him to pursue this outlet, having sex with men and eventually getting into porn as well, making up to $3,500 in a week. Finally, the man who originally approached him said that he would try to get him a sugar daddy, which ended up being a big name many of us recognize.


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2. He was involved with Calvin Klein

Nick Gruber was Calvin Klein's first public gay relationship. The two began dating in 2010 and broke up in 2012. Although they are roughly 48 years apart, this fact didn't stop them from appearing in public together. Their breakup began with one of Gruber's intitial violent outbursts, when he punched a political intern and was arrested for posession of cocaine. However, it was thought in 2013 that the two had reconciled and actually met up in Mexico in an attempt to stay low-profile.


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3. Gruber gets ready to tell all

After the two broke it off, Gruber apparently pitched a tell-all book idea about his relationship with Klein. The iconic designer is infamously private, so a novel like this would give the world a peep into Klein's personal life. However in 2013, Gruber denied ever doing so, saying he could never do that to someone he had loved


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4. He was recently charged with posession, assault and unlawful imprisonment

Last Friday, Gruber was arrested for assault and possession of meth after police were called to his apartment by neighbors over a dispute. Brandon Steele, a friend of Gruber's, and Nick were in a disagreement over about $4,000 and ended up attacking the unnamed victim with a frying pan, allegedly leaving him disfigured and almost slicing off his ear. In fact, the man was taken to the hospital and treated for broken bones in his back, potential loss of hearing and potential loss of vision. Both Steele and Nick prevented the victim from leaving, which meant they had also unlawfully imprisoned him.


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5. He was squatting in an apartment when arrested

When he was arrested, police also found $3,000, bags of meth and a pile of women's clothing, for which they charged him with posession of stolen property. He was also living in the apartment without a lease, after reportedly changing the locks on the place, which added another charge: criminal trespass. However, his imprisonment was short, as he was released on bail of $5,000.


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