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Who Is Ricky Schroder? New Details About The Child Star Accused Of Domestic Violence

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Who Is Ricky Schroder? New Details About The Child Star Accused Of Domestic Violence

While we’ve seen many child stars continue their success when they grow up — like Tony Danza, Drew Barrymore, Sean Astin, and Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen — there are others whose lives spiral after their shows end. They end up broke, dead, or become perpetrators of violence and abuse.

And while these negative transformations don’t always happen, in this case, one formerly famous child star will have to answer to authorities: Rick Schroder.

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Who is Ricky Schroder? You may remember him from The Champ, the movie that launched his career, and his role in the 1980s sitcom, Silver Spoons. Schroder also starred in NYPD Blue, Strong Medicine, and has had guest roles in shows like Scrubs and Robot Chicken, and appeared in the movie Get Him to the Greek.


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But on May 1st, he was arrested for felony domestic violence, his second offense and accusation of domestic violence in 30 days. According to the LA Sheriff’s office, police received a call and found evidence of a physical altercation. Schroder was arrested and held on $50,000 bail.

Just one month before, on April 2nd, he was arrested for a similar incident but was released without bond. In this incident, he allegedly punched his girlfriend in the face while she attempted to leave their home.

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The cause of the fight was allegedly over a video that Schroder found on her phone. She went to grab her belongings and leave, and that’s when he became violent. His girlfriend, who remains unnamed, said Schroder grabbed her hair, blocked her path, and then hit her in the face; she fell on the kitchen table.


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When police arrived, she refused to answer questions or get medical treatment. She also refused authorities’ request to take photos of her injuries, and stated she didn’t want Schroder arrested. Officers followed up with her two days later, and she said the entire incident was a misunderstanding and wouldn’t press charges.

Though it’s not currently known whether or not his case will go to trial, it’s possible authorities will use his first instance of domestic violence against him.


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Schroder was previously married to Andrea Bernard for more than 20 years. Bernard filed for divorce in 2016, citing irreconcilable differences, and the couple have four children together.

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