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How Did Pua Magasiva Die? New Details On The Death Of The 'Power Rangers' Star At 38

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How Did Pua Magasiva Die? New Details On The Death Of The 'Power Rangers' Star At 38

When I was a little kid, I loved the Power Rangers. Sure, I was a girly girl, but that didn't mean I wasn't smitten with the costumes, teamwork and action sequences. Plus, there was a pink ranger, okay? Clearly, the Power Rangers were for everybody. Of course, as I grew up, I stopped following them, but the rangers continued to have their epic adventures battling the forces of evil. Having not thought about the show in years, it was heartbreaking to turn on my computer today and see that one of the actors who played an important role in two different Power Rangers series had died. Here's what we know about the life and death of New Zealand actor, Pua Magasiva. How did Pua Magasiva die?

1. His Passing

Power Rangers fans around the world were shocked to hear the news that on May 11th Pua Magasiva died at age 38. The actor starred in various different iterations of the Power Rangers TV show which put him on the map with his fans. According to the New Zealand Herald, Pua was found dead by the police after the police were contacted. Other than that, there is very little information available about his death. The police won't currently reveal Pua's cause of death, but they have said one thing which has his family, friends and fans issuing a sigh of bittersweet relief. They said in a statement that there are no suspicious circumstances surrounding the actor's death. The actor was at home in Wellington, New Zealand when he passed away. 


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2. Career 

The role that established Pua's place in the hearts of fans was when he played the popular red ranger in the Power Rangers franchise. Pua actually played the role in two entirely different incarnations of the popular kid's superhero show. He played the role in Power Rangers Ninja Storm and in Power Rangers Dino Thunder in 2003 and 2004, respectively. But those weren't the only roles he played. In the popular New Zealand TV show, Shortland Street, Pua enjoyed a three-year-long gig where he played a character named Vinnie Kruse-Miller. He was invited back to reprise his role in 2011 and wound up staying on the show for another seven years! In addition to his work as an actor, Pua was also a successful radio DJ. 


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3. Arrest

For all of Pua's tremendous successes in the world of acting and radio, his life also had some bumps in it, just like all of ours. In December of 2017, he appeared before a judge and pled guilty to drunk driving. He wound up being sentenced to 80 hours of community service and he couldn't drive for 13 months, in addition to other guidelines issued by the court. Sadly, this wasn't his first time in front of a judge on such charges. In 2003 and again in 2005 he was brought up on the same charges. He later revealed that the second charge took place when he left his fiance at home after an argument where they were both drinking. Pua was open and honest about his mistakes and promised the court and his fans that he would do better in the future. 


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4. His Brother

Pua wasn't the only member of his family with a passion to act as well as a talent for it. In fact, Pua often cited the success of his older brother, Robbie Magasiva, as the reason why he decided to give acting a shot. His brother was the one who encouraged him to seek out his first few roles. What makes Robbie's support different than another brother or sister's might be is that he is a successful actor in his own right. Robbie, 46, is perhaps most well-known to American audiences for his work on the women's prison drama, Wentworth. When Pua expressed a desire to start acting, Robbie helped him find an agent. 


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5. His Family 

Pua leaves behind more than just grieving fans and a famous brother. He leaves behind two young children with his wife, Lizz Sadler, who is reported to have been present at the time of his death. The poor woman, and those poor kids! No one should have to die so unexpectedly. Pua actually had three children in total. Prior to his marriage to Lizz, Pua was married to Kourtney Magasiva for three years. They have one seven-year-old daughter together. Spare a good thought for Pua's family as you go about your day today, would you? Such a tremendous loss. 

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