Who Is Taylor Jackson? New Details On The Adult Film Star Calling Herself Tesla Taylor

Whoa nelly.

Who Is Taylor Jackson? New Details On The Adult Film Star Calling Herself Tesla Taylor Instagram 

Everyday technology seems to be finding new and fascinating ways to makes our lives that much easier. For drivers, cars like the Model X Tesla provide a wealth of new features designed to make driving an experience like nothing they've had before. But not everyone is using these features they way that they were intended. Taylor Jackson is one of those people. Recently Taylor made headlines and not just because she shelled out the money to get one of these fancy cars. Taylor and her boyfriend made a sex tape in one of the cars, and how they did it has everyone talking. Who is Taylor Jackson?


1. Why She's In The News 

If you've seen the name "Tesla Taylor" making the 'rounds online lately that's because the adult film actress Taylor Jackson has earned herself a new nickname in light of the video she made with her boyfriend of them getting freaky inside of a Tesla that was being driven on auto-pilot. That's right: technology has crossed the great divide and someone finally decided to have sex in one of Elon Musk's cars of the future. Perhaps not surprising anyone, the movie of Tesla Taylor as she is now known, has gotten more than two million views. Don't tell your Auntie Jane, she's still only got seven views on her video cooking show Jamming in the Joint With Auntie Jane. 


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2. Where They Got The Idea

So how exactly does a person get the inspired notion to be the first porn star who did the dirty inside of a Model X Tesla, a car that costs around $97,000? According to Taylor, it was all pretty easy. “Earlier this year I was on a road trip with my boyfriend and he asked me to have sex with him while driving,” she said. Of course, the easy part was having sex in the self-driving car. The part Taylor anticipated being a bit more difficult was standing out from the crowd. There, she had luck too: “We thought someone had to have done it before so we looked it up, but we couldn’t find a single video. A few weeks later I signed up for a Pornhub account and this video was one of the first few videos I made,” she said. 


3. The Dangers

When autopilot was invented and implemented in Teslas, chances are no one was thinking that it would become a gimmick for porn, but such is the nature of life. After all, Rule 34 says that internet pornography exists concerning every conceivable topic. Taylor is proving that rule through her defilement of a Tesla. That being said, Taylor knows full well that it's dangerous. She's made clear to let everyone know she was more than a little well-versed in the car and its features. In fact, Taylor would heartily agree with anyone who says that having sex in a Tesla on autopilot is exceptionally dangerous. While Taylor obviously lived to tell the tale, she did also reveal that she bumped the steering wheel at one point which caused the autopilot to disengage. Yikes! Not very sexy, car wrecks.

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4. The Autopilot Purpose

Autopilot might sound like something futuristic and not totally necessary, but when you find out why Tesla decided to implement the feature it makes a lot of sense. For one thing, it makes parking in very tight spots easier since you can actually just get out of the car and let the car do the hard work. While Tesla currently has high hopes for the future of what autopilot can do they also make it clear on their website that it isn't infallible saying: “Autopilot is intended for use with a fully attentive driver, who has their hands on the wheel and is prepared to take over at any time. While Autopilot is designed to become more capable over time, in its current form, it is not a self-driving system.” 

5. Future of Autopilot 

Elon Musk himself commented on the news that Telsa Taylor has sprung into infamy saying simply: “Turns out there’s more ways to use Autopilot than we imagined." It's cute and kind of funny of him to acknowledge it but several people are concerned at his cavalier attitude to something that could potentially be so dangerous. 


The autopilot feature on the cars has not been free of controversy. There are already lawsuits pending involving wrongful deaths of Tesla drivers with the autopilot blamed as the cause of the accidents that led to the fatalities. Only time will tell just how smart this autopilot can be. 

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