How Did Jordin Sparks' Stepfather Die? New Details About The Death Of James Jackson At 51

Her family is in mourning.

How Did Jordin Sparks' Stepfather Die? New Details About The Death Of James Jackson At 51 instagram

For children of divorce, when one parent remarries, it can be a daunting experience. It can feel like a new stepparent is replacing a mother or father, or causing a rift in the bond between a parent and their child. But sometimes the experience is one of growth and love. And in Jordin Sparks’ case, her stepfather, James Jackson, was just another addition to her family.

Unfortunately, he passed away at just 51 years old. But how did Jordin Sparks' stepfather die? James Jackson, a retired firefighter, passed away from a sudden and unexpected stroke.


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The news comes a year after the tragic deaths of four close people in her life. In January 2018, her 16-year-old stepsister, Bryanna Jackson-Frias, died from sickle cell anemia; one day later, Leah LaBelle, an Americal Idol alum, and her husband, Rasual Butler, died in a car accident; Sparks also lost her cousin “Q.”


Sparks made a post on Instagram, paying tribute to her lost loved ones:

“Four Angels in a week. My heart is just so heavy & broken. I'm in shock, numb and feel everything all at the same time. Leah & Rasual (one of my closest friends and her amazing other half who also was a great friend), Bryanna (my step sister) and Q (my little cousin), you were such bright lights in this crazy world. You made everyone better just by knowing them. And your smiles made anyone's day better. The world is less sparkly without you in it. Rest In Peace and Power. I love you forever…” she wrote.



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Though Sparks has yet to speak about the loss of her stepfather, her manager, Nichet Smith, told HollywoodLife, “She went to be with her family.” Sparks was expected to receive an award at the LadyLike luncheon in Los Angeles on May 11, but pulled out due to her loss.

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“Jordin really wanted to be here. She loves the LadyLike Foundation. I’m a person that doesn’t cut corners. I’m going to get right to why she couldn’t be here. Jordin’s mom is my best friend. Jordin went to be with her mother because her stepdad passed away suddenly. Very young man. He died of a stroke, so Jordin left to be with her family and that’s where she is,” Smith told the crowd while accepting Sparks’ award.


Sparks hasn’t spoken about Jackson’s death, but her brother, PJ Sparks, took to Instagram to express his grief:

“James lived a life of service his whole life. Thank you so much for what you did in my momma’s life. Even more than the great 5 years I had with you and what you taught me, the man I saw #appreciate and love my mom the way you have done will never ever be forgotten. The last 5 years I’ve be able to breathe knowing that she is the best hands she could possibility be in. This is still crushing my soul that you’re gone, but what you did is the greatest I’ve ever seen. Even with you passing, you decided to #donate your body to those who are in need, so they may live. James, you are one heck of a man. I love you and I miss you,” PJ wrote. It seems that Jackson donated his organs in the wake of his passing, showing how selfless he was.

In March 2014, Sparks’ mother, Jodi, tied the knot with Jackson and Sparks served as the maid of honor.



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“It was such a proud moment for me. I’ve never seen her glow that way. I cried seeing how happy she was,” Sparks told People. “He is such a good man and everybody could see that. To see a union where everyone is wishing nothing but good was awesome.”

It’s never easy losing someone so close to you. We wish Jordin Sparks and her family prayers in their time of loss.



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