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Who Plays Alec In 'The Last Summer' On Netflix? New Details On Jacob Latimore

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Who Plays Alec In 'The Last Summer' On Netflix? New Details On Jacob Latimore

Who plays Alec in The Last Summer on Netflix? He's a multi-talented actor and rapper who is currently making headlines for his role in The Chi and The Last Summer on Netflix.  Who is Jacob Latimore?

Jacob Latimore is currently making headlines for his role in Showtime’s hit show, The Chi, and for his buzzworthy role in the hit Netflix film, The Last Summer. But this native Midwesterner has a lot more going for him than just a few starring roles (albeit very good starring roles).

Here’s what you need to know about this rapidly rising star.

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1. He got his start on The Maury Povich Show.


A post shared by Jacob Latimore (@jacoblatimore) on Apr 27, 2019 at 8:23am PDT

Jacob Latimore got his start on The Maury Povich Show.

Maury Povich is, perhaps, best known for hosting a wide variety of baby daddy dramas and cheating scandals on his talk show. However, according to Pop Buzz, Maury had a young Jacob Latimore on the show as a musical guest when he was only eleven years old! That appearance on Maury led to a series of special guest starring roles, including an appearance on One Tree Hill in 2009, and he’s been receiving steady work ever since.

2. He’s known in hip-hop for his mixtapes.


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Jacob Latimore has already released two mixtapes.

According to Hot New Hip Hop, Jacob Latimore has a huge following in the hip-hop community for his various mixtapes. In 2016, he dropped The Connection mixtape, and just last week, he dropped The Connection 2. These are two albums in what promises to be a series of mixtape series, and he’s getting all the rave reviews for it.

“He's burned 13 songs on the project, calling on names like Q Money and Serayah for the assist and finally delivering on a collaboration with Trevor Jackson, a contemporary who has found his way to fame through similar avenues within the same era. Connection 2 cements Latimore's proper place as a bona fide entertainer, without a doubt, and once more underscores a journey toward being a genre staple,” writes the outlet.

3. And he’s currently on tour in support of his music.


A post shared by Jacob Latimore (@jacoblatimore) on Apr 30, 2019 at 4:28pm PDT

Jacob Latimore is currently on tour in support of his latest mixtape, The Connection 2.

According to Rated R&B, Jacob Latimore is currently on tour in support of his Connection 2 mixtape. He kicked off the tour on May 2nd in New York City, where he performed at the legendary SOBs, which has long been a cornerstone for hip-hop, R&B, and soul music (“SOB” is short for “Sound of Brazil,” and was the home base for the so-called “Brazuca!” movement in the twentieth century). He’s also got stops in Chicago, Los Angeles, and Atlanta scheduled, and he’s taking a series of supporting acts coming along for the ride including Tiffany Evans, Algee Smith, Garren, Project 2one5, Chris Landry, Inayah Lamis, Cincere, Josh K and Lxrd Rossi. Tickets are currently on sale at Jacob Latimore’s website.

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4. He made a splash at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival.


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Jacob Latimore is starting to make his name be known in major films. 

According to The New York Post, Jacob Latimore is currently branching out into major film roles in addition to his music and television work. He made a big splash at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival when he starred in the film Gully, opposite Charlie Plummer and Kelvin Harrison Jr. Latimore told the outlet that he wanted to “keep it real” in this and every other role from herein out.

“‘The Chi’ has impacted me in different ways as a show speaking for people who didn’t have a voice and what TV needed and was missing,” Latimore told the outlet. “Honestly, this is the first [acting] job I’ve done where I can relate to a young kid like me . . . and is probably the rawest form of acting I’ve ever done on TV. I think that’s why it’s making such an impact.”

5. He loved his role in The Last Summer.

Even though The Last Summer is considered a so-called “teen movie,” Jacob Latimore said that he appreciates his role in the film because he feels “connected” to people in it.

“I think it is just fun to relate to people on a really grounded level where it’s about these characters going through a transition stage,” he told Hollywood Life. “We all go through some transition stage in our lives. Each level creates or requires a newer version of us but especially that high school going into college and that young adult going into adulthood phase, so I think for me it was a film I wanted to dive into because I have done a lot of big drama films and very heavy and intense things. I wanted to do something with my peers and other TV stars to create one movie and just come together and be on a grounded level. I think that is what people are going to take away from this film. You know, some people find their first love in high school and friendships grow apart. It happens every day, so we always need these types of films. They don’t always like to make them but for me, I had to get one under my belt!”

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