What Your Favorite Gangster Rapper Says About Your Love Life

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rap and your love life

These days, hip-hop is all about drill and trap music. It used to be gangster rappers that got all the love.

As 90s kids, gangster rap probably should've been traumatizing. Instead, they became our heroes. After all, what's the best way to vent your frustration with all the authority figures in your life as a kid  Will Smith's "Parents Just Don't Understand" or "F*ck The Police" by a group I don't even have to mention by name, because you still know who wrote that song, right?


And while the greats were all sharing the struggle of life on the streets, they each brought their own unique flavor — and attracted a different kind of fan. 

The type of person who blasted Tupac is very different from the person grooving to Snoop Dogg. For starters, the Snoop Dogg fan still gets some new tracks every once in awhile.

Plus, we all know how closely music and the bedroom are connected. Ain't nobody getting down to a Marilyn Manson album that isn't a vampire or other assorted creature of the night. But "California Love" comes on? It's about to go down.

Here's what your favorite rapper says about you and your love life.

1. Snoop Dogg

You're down for whatever. You're the smoothest, most laid-back person on the planet, and you don't let anything stress you out. You're all about having a good time at any cost. You'll try anything once ... at least once.


2. Dr. Dre

You're a nurturing lover. The good doctor has been a mentor to Eminem and others over the last decade while taking a backseat in terms of his own music. You care more about your partner's pleasure and success in the bedroom than your own. Sure you get yours, but you definitely make sure they feel taken care of in the process.


3. Notorious B.I.G.

You take control in the bedroom. You have a big, beautiful personality and you make sure everyone knows it. You're larger than life, and there's no question that you're in charge when you walk in the room. Your presence speaks for itself.


4. Tupac

You're a passionate lover. Everything you do is from the heart, and that includes sex. You're not into one night stands, because for you sex is all about that personal connection. You remember all of your sexual encounters, because you strive for every encounter to be memorable ... for your partner, too.


5. Ice Cube

You stick to what works. You've got the recipe for success in the bedroom, so what's the point in going off the reservation? You may have been a little wilder when you were younger, but by now you know all the tricks. While others are still trying to figure out what gets the job done, you leave the encounter satisfied pretty much every time.


6. DMX

You're a total freak ... in a good way. Though what you do may be illegal in 17 states, no one could ever accuse you of being shy. Your partner might be slightly scared at first, but you'll blow their mind (among other things) by the end of it.


7. Wu-Tang Clan

You're more of an open-relationship kind of gal. You definitely prefer the group option. If some is good, more is better, right? Just one person isn't enough to satisfy your needs.