Who Is Joe Locicero? New Details On 'Jane The Virgin' Star Gina Rodriguez's New Husband

Gina Rodriguez is married now!

Who Is Joe Locicero? New Details On 'Jane The Virgin' Star Gina Rodriguez's New Husband Instagram

He married Jane the Virgin star Gina Rodriguez in what the press is calling a "surprise ceremony." But who is Joe LoCicero?

Actor Joe LoCicero has just made headlines, not for his work on the screen or stage, but for marrying Gina Rodriguez. According to People Magazine, the duo got married in what was called a “magical” wedding.


Gina took to Instagram to announce that she’d married the actor on May 4, 2019, telling the world that she “was [his] forever.”

Here’s what else we know about the actor and the Jane The Virgin actress’s new husband.

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1. They met when he played a stripper on Jane The Virgin.



A post shared by Gina Rodriguez (@hereisgina) on May 6, 2019 at 6:52am PDT

Gina Rodriguez and Joe LoCicero first met on the set of Jane the Virgin.


According to Women’s Health, Joe and Gina first met when he guest-starred as a stripper on Jane The Virgin, the show that first catapulted Gina Rodriguez into the spotlight. He played a stripper named Don Quixote, and he showed up at the most inopportune time in what was one of the funniest episodes of the show’s run. He appeared in the episode titled “Chapter 39,” and he was rumored to begin dating Rodriguez shortly thereafter.

2. She announced their engagement when she was out promoting period products.



A post shared by Gina Rodriguez (@hereisgina) on Mar 28, 2019 at 3:35pm PDT

it didn't take long for Gina Rodriguez and Joe LoCicero to get engaged.


According to The Hollywood Reporter, Gina Rodriguez first announced her engagement to Joe LoCicero last year, when she was out promoting Always maxi-pad products. Rodriguez’s promotion of the period products was to bring awareness to what’s known as “period poverty,” which is when women from low-income families can’t get access to products like maxi-pads and tampons because their incomes simply won’t allow it.

"I never was the girl that dreamt about my wedding," she told the outlet. "I did always pray that I would meet a really cool partner, whether it was going to be male or female, that I was going to have somebody that was going to uplift me and support me and want me to shine and not want to take away from that but want to shine as well in their own right and I found it in Joe, and I found it on the set of Jane."

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3. After their engagement, he went on to appear in several episodes of Jane The Virgin.



A post shared by Gina Rodriguez (@hereisgina) on Feb 27, 2019 at 11:26am PST

Jane The Virgin is in its final season.


Remezcla noted that shortly after Gina Rodriguez and Joe LoCicero announced their engagement, LoCicero began appearing in more episodes of Jane The Virgin, mostly as a stripper or “eye candy.” In addition to appearing in “Chapter 39” as a Don Quixote-cosplaying stripper, he appeared in “Chapter 63” as a Prince Charming-cosplaying stripper. Fortunately, on his third appearance on Jane The Virgin, he didn’t appear as a stripper — cosplaying or otherwise. Rather, he appeared as a “masked man” in “Chapter 74.” Never let it be said that he’s playing to type!

4. Their wedding was a Jane The Virgin family affair.



A post shared by Justin Baldoni (@justinbaldoni) on Apr 24, 2019 at 3:19pm PDT

Justin Baldoni, who played Gina Rodriguez's baby daddy on Jane the Virgin, serenaded the new couple as they walked down the aisle.


Entertainment Weekly was on-hand for Gina Rodriguez’s wedding to Joe LoCicero, and they reported that Gina’s Jane The Virgin co-stars were happy to participate in the affair. In addition to having her co-stars on hand in the audience to witness their union, Rodriguez’s on-screen baby daddy, Justin Baldoni, serenated the couple as they walked down the aisle.

5. Joe LoCicero isn’t just known for his work on Jane The Virgin.

While, perhaps, Joe LoCicero’s most high-profile work has been on Jane The Virgin, he’s not just known for his work on the Emmy award-winning show. According to his iMDB page, LoCicero has also appeared in indie movies such as Spaghetti Man and Crossword Puzzle Brahs. He was also in a few television series, including Kingdom, the Investigation Discovery series A Crime to Remember, and the hit Netflix film Someone Great.

Congratulations are in order for Joe LoCicero and Gina Rodriguez, then!

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