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Who Are Amanda Lynn Starr And Christopher Stevenson? New Details On The North Carolina Couple Wanted For Keeping Sex Slaves

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Who Are Amanda Lynn Starr And Christopher Stevenson? New Details On The North Carolina Couple Wanted For Keeping Sex Slaves

A North Carolina couple is wanted in connection with kidnapping and human sex trafficking. North Carolina police said that Christopher Gray Stevenson, 27, and Amanda Lynn Starr, 28, are under suspicion of kidnapping and forcing their victim into prostitution in Alamance County. Police followed leads in connection to a missing person case when they discoed evidence that the subject might be being held by Stevenson and Starr. The victim has been located and moved to safety. The victim's identity is not being released for privacy reasons. Stevenson and Starr are still at large and police are hoping the public can help locate them. Who are Amanda Lynn Starr and Christopher Gary Stevenson? Read on for the shocking details.

1. Amanda

Amanda Lynn Starr is enjoying her first months of freedom in several years, after being released from a North Carolina prison, according to the website The Heavy. In 2013 Starr was convicted of trafficking schedule II narcotics, a class F felony, and misdemeanor child abuse. She was also convicted of bringing drugs into jail, a class H felony. She was arrested on those charges in May 2013. Her combined convictions came with a sentence of five to seven years in prison. She was released from the North Carolina Correctional Institution for Women on February 27, 2019. This wasn’t her first offense, as she had been arrested on drug charges in 2008, 2012 and 2013. In those cases she got probation or a suspended sentence. Since she’s been out she has been posting to social media and talking about getting new tattoos and spending time with friends and her son.


A post shared by Amanda (@amandalynnstarr) on Apr 26, 2019 at 2:34pm PDT

Amanda started an Instagram account after release from prison.

2. Christopher

Christopher Stevenson has also spent time in prison, according to The Heavy. They report that he did time from 2014-2016 on various breaking and entering charges as well as possession of stolen goods. He was released in 2016 and on parole until earlier this year. He also has older convictions for larceny after breaking and entering, drug possession, parole violations and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Stevenson uses a fake name on Facebook.

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3. Missing person

The North Carolina ABC affiliate reports that police received a missing person report on May 4th. Police have said that evidence they received led them to believe that the person was being held against their will and there was a possibility the person was being forced into prostitution as well. Police have not released any more details of the investigation at this time.

Police are searching for the pair.

4. Traffic stop

According to the Winston-Salem Journal, police had information about a vehicle associated with the missing person report and were able to conduct a traffic stop on the vehicle. The traffic stop yielded more information that the police were then able to use to locate and rescue the person in question. Police were also able to secure a warrant for the apartment where Starr and Stevenson have been living. At this time, no information about the person’s identity is being released due to the ongoing nature of the investigation.

Sexual servitude is a class F felony.

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5. Wanted

At this time, both Starr and Stevenson are wanted for 1st Degree Kidnapping, Sexual Servitude of Adult Victim and Promoting Prostitution for Profit. An alert posted on the department’s Facebook page says:

“Wanted Persons- If you know the whereabouts of Christopher Gray Stevenson and Amanda Lynn Starr, Call 911

Wanted Person - Christopher Gray Stevenson

Black / Male, DOB: 6/18/1991, 5’11” tall, 165 lbs, Brown hair, Brown eyes
Christopher Gray Stevenson has an active warrant for 1st Degree Kidnapping, Sexual Servitude of Adult Victim, and Promoting Prostitution for Profit. Mr. Stevenson is known to be in the area of Alamance and Caswell Counties, but his current whereabouts are unknown.

Wanted Person - Amanda Lynn Starr

White / Female, DOB: 12/13/1990, 5’7” tall, 125 lbs, Brown hair, 
Brown eyes

Amanda Lynn Starr has an active warrant for 1st Degree Kidnapping, Sexual Servitude of Adult Victim, and Promoting Prostitution for Profits. Ms. Starr is known to be in the area of Alamance and Caswell Counties, but her current whereabouts are unknown.”

If the couple is convicted of these crimes, they could face up to 15 years for the kidnapping charge and an additional three years on the sexual servitude charge, both of which are felonies.

Starr was recently released from prison.

Anyone with information about Stevenson or Starr’s locations is asked to contact the Alamance County Sheriff’s Office Special Victims Unit at 336-570-6777.

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