Should You Move In Together? What Astrology Says About Roommates & Zodiac Signs

Which zodiac signs make the best or worst roommates, per astrology?

Should You Move In Together? How To Know, Per Astrology & Zodiac Sign pexels

I saw an online blog which started some controversy, I believe. The internet went nuts when someone was judged by their zodiac sign by a stranger. 

A person who had a room for rent revealed that they preferred not to live with anyone who had their Sun in the sign of Capricorn.

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The one who refused the applicant wanted more of a "Virgo/Gemini vibe" and felt that their Sun signs were incompatible making it too difficult to cohabit with one another, especially after that same person worked with a fellow band mate who apparently was part of the Seagoat tribe.

As an astrologer, what I can say far as whether decisions on selecting a roommate should be based on their astrological sign or not, it's a complicated matter and requires much thought.

What people have to be aware and cognizant of, is the fact that compatibility and astrological synastry is much more intricate and detail-oriented as opposed to just Sun sign astrology. 


Many people make life decisions based on their superficial knowledge of astrology.

If you pass up on a roommate based solely on the person's Sun sign, you may have passed on an opportunity to have a good roommate.

There's a lot more to making a selection for compatibility than just the Sun sign alone.

First off, the other two significant proponents in a natal chart, the Moon and Ascendant, should be considered as well. These qualities may help modify adverse synastry aspects.

Compatible Moon or Ascendant Zodiac Signs

If your Moon is compatible with the other person's Moon and/or if your Ascendant is harmonious with the other person's Ascendant, this may offset the incompatibility of the Suns.


Say for example, one has a Virgo ascendant and the other a Taurus Ascendant.

This could be very auspicious for roommate situation (especially in trine aspect) because Virgo Rising outwardly could be very frugal, sometimes downright parsimonious and can save easily.

Somebody with a Taurus Ascendant may have good financial acumen and can stretch the dollar well.

They are often averse to spend money, and often, even if struggling monetarily, have a get-rich-quick scheme to extricate themselves from financial woes and able to pay the rent.

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Incompatible Moon or Ascendent Zodiac Signs

In theory, certain zodiac signs, when looking only at their Sun placement could never live together in harmony.


You need more information than that though to know what you really think about a person or how you'd work together in any type of relationship. 

At the same time, understand if the people are incompatible as far as Sun Moon and Ascendant signs go, hope is not all lost.

Let's say you have one person that is a Taurus Ascendant and the other, a Leo Ascendant. On top of it, their Ascendants square each other's.

Taurus can be very conservative as far as money goes but Leo can be very extravagant. On the surface, this could look like a match made in hell.

But let's say the Leo Ascendant falls in the Taurus rising person's 4th house despite the square aspect.


The Taurus ascendant person may actually feel at home with Leo rising's outward sunny disposition.

In this instance, a Leo Ascendant person might actually bring magnanimous/inexorable energy into the Taurus rising person's home life and be very generous opposed in contrast to excessively running up home-related bills.

Other planetary aspects matter.

Remember there's other things to consider besides the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant for compatibility with people.


Let's say you look at the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant and things seem to be pretty compatible between you and the prospective roommate.

However, one's Venus makes adverse aspects to planets in the other person's chart.

If Venus makes an adverse aspect to the other person's Saturn, for example, the Saturn person might feel he or she has an arduous task getting money from the Venus person.

The Venus person, on the other hand, may have difficulty in enjoying his/herself with the Saturn person.

The Venus person might think the Saturn person is clamping down (or putting a damper) on his or her fun.

Also, I think there is more to ascertaining whether a roommate would be a fit or not besides the general synastry/compatibility of the two people astrologically.


Keep in mind a person's chart in general is important as well, as this can show certain tendencies. You need to look at the person's Venus sign and how it matches with your own.

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Incompatible Venus Signs

Venus rules property, beauty and love, but it's also the planet to at when considering partnerships for business.

Living with someone comes down to how you both handle money and what you have to pay for. If a person you want to live with is irresponsible or prone to mismanagement of their funds, it's likely not going to work out for you in the long run.

You can see if this is a risk you're taking by looking at planets that communicate energy that's tough to manage. Some planets, when aspecting one another make for sporadic behavior; others reveal lies and bad habits.


For example, if a person has their Venus strongly afflicted, this could be a person that might have difficulties monetarily.

Venus - Uranus

Venus - Uranus, squares, oppositions or inconjunctions can indicate a tough roommate situation.

Venus in hard aspect to Uranus, for example, may indicate very erratic and sporadic spending habits and a fluctuating income, which may suggest sometimes the person may have the rent on time,other times no.


Venus - Neptune 

You can have supreme synastry between you and the other person, but for example, what if the other person has aspects of laziness/lethargy in his/her chart, such as the Sun, Mars, or Ascendant in adverse aspect to Neptune?

Things might now work to plan, for example Venus - Neptune, squares, oppositions or inconjunctions can indicate a tough roommate situation.

A person with Venus in adverse aspect to their Neptune might spend money on unrealistic things or succumb to financial fraud due to gullibility not always have the money here she needs to make the rent payment.


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Venus in Leo or Scorpio

Certain personalities can color a Venus placement and make the expression of Venus go to an extreme. 

Venus in Leo in adverse aspect to Neptune in Scorpio, e.g., may spend extravagantly on fulfilling sexual fantasies.


More than one planet in Virgo.

On the other hand, if the person has a Virgo dominant chart, this could show a great proclivity for reliability and punctuality, which may apply in having the rent on time.

In this example, this may offset some negative synastry.

That person may not be as inclined to pick up after his/herself, be somewhat disheveled, and may exasperate someone with a dominant Virgo chart, who may be more organized and meticulous.


Lots of Aquarius energy.

Someone with Aquarius prominent in their chart can be very considerate and unobtrusive, which can be good qualities for a potential roommate, and likely would not have loud, boisterous parties that would keep the other person up all night.

In summation, I believe it is simply preposterous to make a decision on a roommate based on their Sun sign alone.

There are a multitude of other elements in a chart to consider.


What's important to remember too, is that there may be no such thing as a protoypical roommate no matter how favorable the synastry is.

Edwin Learnard is a YouTube astrologer who covers a wide divergence of astrological subjects.