Who Is Bradley Wilk's Wife? New Details On The Affair That Ended Selene Vigil's Marriage

Gen X drama for the win!

Who Is Bradley Wilk's Wife? New Details On The Affair That Selene Vigil's Marriage Getty Images

In news that will make Generation X-ers finally feel seen, it was just announced that the Selene Vigil, lead singer of 7 Year Bitch has divorced Bradley Wilk, the drummer of Rage Against the Machine and Prophets of Rage, because of an affair he had with Juliette Lewis. Cameron Crowe couldn't have directed a better drama! So who is Bradley Wilk's wife? Let’s put on our flannel shirts and Doc Martens and look at what we know about these explosive allegations.


1. Selene Vigil was the lead singer of the seminal grunge-rock riot grrl group, 7 Year Bitch

Along with Elizabeth Davis, Valerie Agnew and Stefanie Sargent, Selene Vigil formed 7 Year Bitch, one of the seminal all-girl groups of the so-called “grunge era.” The group released some of the most influential music of the 1990s, and their third album, Gato Negro, is often cited as one of the top albums of the era (most notably by CMJ New Music Monthly). However, they were often plagued by death — first, by the heroin overdose of Stefanie Sargent (who was replaced with Roisin Dunne before the recording of Gato Negro), then by the rape and murder of Mia Zapata of The Gits — before disbanding in 1997.



Selene Vigil was the lead singer of 7 Year Bitch.

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2. Selene Vigil originally filed for divorce from Bradley Wilk in 2013

According to Page Six, Selene Vigil originally filed for divorce from Bradley Wilk in 2013, when she caught him having sex with a Las Vegas stripper. (Yep, that’ll do it.) The stripper subsequently claimed to be pregnant by Bradley, but later revealed she was lying to “keep” him. (Yikes!) However, they called off their divorce after they “figured out new living arrangements,” which was important to the couple, since they have children — 12-year-old Luka and 10-year-old Alexander —together. Additionally, they went on vacation together, which further cemented their original reconciliation.



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3. Selene Vigil wants both spousal and child support

This writer is of the belief that when a spouse steps out on his or her marriage, he or she should pay the aggrieved party everything and then some. This writer, therefore, is cheering on Selene Vigil and her request for substantial spousal and child support. According to The Blast, Vigil wants “$30,124 per month in temporary spousal support and $17,772 per month in temporary child support, until the divorce is final. She is also seeking $100k in attorney fees and $50k for a forensic accountant.” Get your money, Selene!



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4. Bradley Wilk met Juliette Lewis while they were on tour together

Even though Bradley and Selene were working through their various trust issues stemming from the Las Vegas stripper incident, it seemed like they were on the path to recovery. That is until, according to Fox News, Bradley Wilk went on tour with Juliette Lewis and her band. “He left and they went on tour for several months with her and the band,” said Selene. “I later discovered that he was having an affair with her … In late 2016, Brad returned to Los Angeles and informed me that he wanted to set up a mediation. He said that he was moving in with Juliette Lewis.”



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Bradley Wilk and Juliette Lewis met when they were on tour together. 


5. Is Juliette Lewis a homewrecker?

According to People Magazine, Juliette Lewis and Bradley Wilk started going public with their relationship in 2016, with Juliette posting cutesy pictures with cutesy captions on Instagram featuring her and Bradley in self-proclaimed “domestic bliss.” There’s just one problem: Selene Vigil didn’t restart divorce proceedings until recently. “In November 2017, I finally realized that I could not continue in a marriage like this,” she wrote in her newly-filed divorce papers, according to the outlet. “I told Brad that I was going to pursue the divorce.” Big old yikes, then. Of course, the counterpoint also stands: it was Bradley, not Juliette, that made a vow of marriage to Selene. Therefore, it was Bradley, not Juliette, that was responsible for maintaining fidelity in his marriage. Whatever the truth of the matter, we hope that Selene and Bradley can resolve their differences quickly, and co-parent effectively for the sake of their children.

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