Who Is Laura Amero? New Details On Ohio School Superintendent Who Had Sex With Student

There are multiple charges.

Who Is Laura Amero? New Details On Ohio School Superintendent Who Had Sex With Student Facebook

When you drop your kids off for school, you do so secure in the knowledge that they are going to be someplace safe or at the very least, under the protection of responsible adults who will care for them should danger arise. Unfortunately, that's not always the case. Sometimes those entrusted with our children are the very people we should be looking out for. Laura Amero's credentials on paper look pristine, the educator turned school administrator was beloved by staff, faculty and students alike. But then serious allegations arose about her reputation, and not long thereafter she was arrested for sexual battery of multiple minors. Here's what we know so far...Who is Laura Amero?


1. The Background 

When Laura Amero, 35, became the superintendent of schools of Windham Exempted Village Schools in Ohio, her native state, the world seemed to be her oyster. While that was just a handful of months ago, in February of 2019, now her world, as well as the entire community's, has been turned upside down. Amero has been arrested following accusations that she had sex with a student and attempted to have sex with another student while working as a principal. After being arrested on April 22nd, more allegations have emerged against the administrator, chief among them charges that she tried to intimidate both her alleged victims as well as witnesses who could be called to give testimony when the case eventually made its way to trial. The school department has suspended Amero from her position as well as withheld her pay during this extended leave. 


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2. The Accusations

Laura's charges are extensive and span several years: 2015, 2016, and 2017. This was the period of time during which she was working as the principal at Windham Junior/Senior High School. The first charge of sexual battery involves Amero having "sexual conduct" with a student born after the year 2001. The second count of the same charge involves the same student and took place about a month after the last 


In the first count of sexual battery, Amero is accused of engaging in “sexual conduct” with a student who was born in February 2001. The alleged sexual battery occurred between February 24, 2017, and May 24, 2017, according to court documents. The second count of sexual battery involves the same student, born in 2001, and allegedly occurred on or about June 18, 2017, according to court documents. She is also being charged with similar accusations regarding a second student born in 1999. While the legal age of consent in Ohio is 16, it is against the law for school teachers and officials to have sexual relationships with students. 

3. Her Position At The School

Laura Amero became the superintendent of the district with a fat salary of $96,500 annually at the beginning of 2019 after three years as a principal. Before her appointment, Amero was made assistant superintendent and was named superintendent after her predecessor, Gregg Isler, announced he would be retiring in 2019. Amero went into the job eagerly, telling local papers: “I didn’t sleep much last night. I was thinking about what my day would look like now that I am officially on my own. I know I can’t predict each day, but it’s a different feeling … I can actually own the position now and dig my heels in even more as I start to leave my mark. I was ready to come back to work and interact with the students and staffThey’re the best part of my day. It’s nice to have time to get caught up; however, I am a mover. The most rewarding times are when I am in the classroom with the students and see them growing as learners and individuals.”


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4. Her Family Life 

Laura's family life is not all that unusual in the least. She was married for a year to a fellow teacher named Jacob Zatchok. They divorced in 2013. They had no children and Laura doesn't have any kids of her own either. What is notable is that while she was married to Jacob, she worked for his father who was principal of the school at the time. Interestingly, he noted in her 2009-2010 reviews that she needed to “work to maintain a solid boundary between student/teacher differences,” according to the newspaper.


5. The Future

What the future holds for Amero is anyone's guess, but it certainly doesn't look very good for her. She had her first appearance in court on April 22nd where she entered a plea of not guilty. After doing that, she was allowed to leave prison but she had to post a $350,000 bail. If Laura is found guilty of the charges she could get over a year for each count, bringing her up to at least six years in jail. It is as yet unknown if Laura and her team will seek a plea deal. This currently seems unlikely given that she has already entered a plea of not guilty, but anything can happen between now and then. 

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