Is David Beckham Having An Affair With Harper's Teacher? New Details On The Rumors He's Cheating On Victoria

Rumors are flying that the famous Brits are headed for splitsville. Is it true?

Is David Beckham Having An Affair With Harper's Teacher? instagram

Is David Beckham having an affair with Harper's teacher? Aside from the multitude of glamorous royals, there's no more iconic British couple than Victoria and David Beckham. The Spice Girl and the soccer star have it all: looks, style, four adorable kids, and some truly spectacular real estate. 

But things may not all be perfect in paradise for the two of them. This week, British bookies suspended betting on the likelihood of the famous pair announcing a divorce. They didn't do it because the couple is so rock-solid that divorce is unthinkable: the betting parlors apparently have an inside track on some rumors of a looming break-up.


So what's going on with Posh and Becks? Read on to find out.

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1. Betting suspended

On June 8, an Irish bookie name Paddy Power closed betting on the couples' marital status. He told the press "We've decided to suspend betting on the separation between Posh and Becks. It looks like it's a case of 1 becomes 2 with their marriage seemingly going down the loo." First of all, betting on a couple to divorce may seem weird but in Britain, they bet on everything. Reporters keep a close eye on what oddsmakers say about certain events because sometimes they can be highly predictive of the outcome. 


2. Hot for teacher

Where there's smoke, there's often ... well, maybe not fire but definitely some heat. The hot talk on social media this week was that David had an affair with one of the kids' teachers.  The kids attend school in England.

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3. And baby makes...

It's not just an affair rumor, however. Talk is swirling that the soccer star is having a baby with the teacher. 


4. Daddy says no

The teacher, who hasn't been named, must know what the press is saying about her and she must be pretty unhappy. The teacher's father leapt to her defense this weekend, telling a British paper, "She is a very pretty, attractive girl and been linked to it by fake news. But she lives very happily with her boyfriend. She was here last weekend, and up until Friday night her life was pretty normal.”

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5. Work issues

Not only is the teacher's father irate, but the school in question is worried, too. The attention and accusations are leading to tension in the workplace and the school has had to hire attorneys to deal with the fallout. 

6. Are you divorcing me?

The rumor took off fast and there were so many reports that Victoria allegedly gave her famous hubby a call to jokingly ask, "Are you divorcing me?". The two are alleged to find the whole situation funny and are making jokes about it with each other.


7. Official reps say no

No matter what the Beckhams may be saying in private, their public statements are a categorical denial, saying, "There is no statement due, no divorce, and a lot of whispers and fake social media news. This is all very bizarre and an embarrassing waste of time." The spokesman also said of the rumors, "It's a crock of s--t."

8. Insta

Whatever the social media buzz coming form outside sources, the couple is using their own accounts to make their wedded bliss look especially blissful. Victoria posted this lovely shot on Sunday.


9. All bets are off?

While is certainly looks like this couple is still going strong and these rumors will fade away, bookmakers aren't so sure. Some are offering betting on who the next Mrs. Beckham will be

Will David and Victoria Beckham stay hitched? Only time will tell.


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