5 Ways To Make Love Happen, As Told By A Virgo

These simple steps will lead your zodiac sig to that love connection.

How To Fall In Love, As Written By A Virgo pexels

Love, love, love.

We crave the mysterious and elusive feeling of love our entire lives, struggling to find the one we were meant to be with.

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We date person after person, hoping to reach the moment where everything just clicks seamlessly into place, proving that we haven’t been chasing something unattainable all these years. We let ourselves fall, again and again, hoping that maybe this time will be the last.

There are a hundred ways to fall in love: slowly, all at once, in a sudden outburst of emotion. You fall in love differently with each and every person you love.

THIS is how a Virgo falls in love. Or at the very least, how this Virgo falls in love.

I like to tell people that falling in love is a lot like following my favorite recipe. Being with someone is about finding the right ingredients, about finding the flavors that compliment each other, about finding the mixture that works. 


Each step builds upon the last as you labor for your love: with the end result being something deliciously beautiful that you’ll enjoy for as long as you can.

Here is a recipe for falling in love, as written by a Virgo.


1. Notice the person you want to be with.

For some reason they catch your eye. You're checking your fruit befor you buy it, looking for something that gives the impression of being good. They’ve got 1 tablespoon of sea foam eyes, or that smirk of a smile.

They have the most genuine laugh you’ve ever heard. Maybe you even just like their shirt. They catch your eye, and it’s already over. You start to pay attention to them even more, hooked like a fish on a line.


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2. Take note of all the little things.

As soon as you begin to pay more attention to them, you pick up on little details of them or their personality. These are the ingredients. You gather knowledge like you gather ingredients for chocolate chip cookies, picking up the pieces of who they are. 

They only listen to upbeat music, surrounding themselves with the sounds of joy. They hate condiments, or you notice how peaceful they look when they’re driving. God, even that little birthmark on their arm. They are beautiful. 


3. Getting to know each other.

Suddenly, your noticings are going so much deeper.  You notice the way they look down when they talk about their past, or the things they have a hard time talking about. Their voice shakes, but their eyes don’t leave yours as they tell you their darkest moments.


You adore the way they always make time for the people they care about, especially when you turn out to be one of those people. You see the way they smile when they talk about their best friend or their mom. You know all these intimate details. Their first bicycle wreck, their worst ever hangover, the most embarassing moment of their life. 

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4. Sparks Begin to Fly

Things are moving forward, and you become a priority. Now you're mixing together the perfect dough for homemade bread. You focus on all the littlest details. Your heart flutters at sweet messages, thoughtful surprises, and kind gestures.

They make an effort, and as soon as you realize that they do, you’re a goner. You can’t help but latch onto these tiny moments of perfection and joy, and on bad days, you remind yourself of some of the recent bright spots in your life. Most of them are with this person you're falling for. They warm that space in your part like fresh apple pie on a bad day. 



5. New Understanding.

Virgos are one of the signs that seem to understand people. They look at you and see this side of you that you may not even see yourself. They can guess at your history before you know it, sense the things that matter most to you.

This step of falling in love is about a deeper understanding. A Virgo will care about who you are, and not just who you are, but WHY you are who you are. This kind of relationship is rare indeed and one reason to be proud if you’ve caught a Virgo’s eye. 

Love, for a Virgo, is in the little things. It’s in the way they look at you, the little pieces of them that you can’t help but fall in love with. It’s in the understanding you share. A love shared with a Virgo is a special love, indeed.


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Beth El Fattal is a writer who covers astrology, pop culture and relationships topics.