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Who Is Adele's Husband? New Details On Simon Konecki And Their Separation

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Who Is Adele's Husband? New Details On Simon Konecki And Their Separation

Nobody knows their way around a breakup ballad quite like songbird Adele. Though the Brit may be just 30-years-old, you'd think, listening to her music, that she must have lived lifetimes to convey the amount of pain and power that comes with romantic loss. Love and the end of love and writing and singing about those two things have always been Adele's superpower, and now, after years of silence, it seems like life might have her heading back to the recording studio once more. The singer just announced her split from her longtime boyfriend and then husband, Simon Konecki, with whom she shares a son. The notoriously private diva has been making headlines for her behavior in light of this announcement, and it has led many people to speculate, what is the deal with Simon and with their split? We've got all that and more, so get to reading! Who is Adele's husband?

1. The Split 

Adele has always been deeply private when it comes to talking about her personal life. Remember how for like, a million years (at least that's how it felt) none of us even knew what her kid's name was? Now, she is finally opening up and revealing details about her marriage to philanthropist and entrepreneur Simon Konecki, 45, but what she has to say isn't exactly uplifting. How else to put it: surely someone's gonna be releasing a new album, if there's a trend. You see, Adele and her man Simon have announced, courtesy of a statement issued by the singer's reps, Cary Fysh and Benny Tarantini, that their marriage is no more. "Adele and her partner have separated," read the statement quite simply. They also addressed parenting, saying they are "committed to raising their son [Angelo] together lovingly." 


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2. They Weren't Together Often 

While Adele is a private person, she is often seen out and about, and in the past her husband Simon has been one of the main people she's likely to be seen enjoying her free time with, but lately that hasn't been the case, leading many people to speculate that their marriage wasn't long for this world. This past summer Adele made headlines when she made an appearance backstage at a Taylor Swift show and sung (figuratively) the pop darling's praises. She did much the same at a Drake concert, making it clear that she was happily getting out and about. She took that even further with a girl's night on the town with her bestie Jennifer Lawrence. The pals enjoyed a raucous night that culminated in a drinking game at a crowded gay bar. 


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3. Dancing On Her Own 

Adele doesn't like people all up in her business, but that doesn't mean she isn't exactly like the rest of us when it comes to mourning the end of a romantic relationship and sharing all of her feelings about it on social media. She just goes about it a little bit differently than the rest of us. Instead, tongues started wagging when Adele posted a video of herself dancing to Robyn at a concert. Look, it's not weird that she was dancing to Robyn. Who among us has not rocked out our little hearts to her killer tracks? What's interesting is the song she chose to share with the masses: "I Keep Dancing On My Own." Very telling! 


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4. No Ring 

There is, of course, one tried and true test that we, the celeb-obsessed, implement if we decide that we need conclusive evidence that a couple is no longer together and/or ending their marriage for good. The ring test. If a celebrity is spotted leaving their home without their wedding band, it probably means they are D-O-N-E. Guess what? Adele has been. 

But if you want Adele-specific proof that the breakup with Simon is permanent and nothing something they might solve one day further on down the line, then all you have to consider is the fact that she has been seen going to and leaving a recording studio in New York City. The singer hasn't released an album since 2015 and that album was about heartbreak. Could we be in for round two? 


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5. Someone NOT Like You 

According to The Sun, Adele and Simon want to fast-track the end of their marriage and make sure that their divorce is final by the time the Christmas season is here. Seems a little dark to me, but hey, everybody's got their own thing. According to The Sun, Adele is excited to move on, not heartbroken the way you might expect. More than that, she's rumored to be thrilled at the idea of starting to date again. “She’s attracted to other men and accepts it is over with Simon for good this time — there is no going back. She has asked friends to look out for potential dates. She doesn’t want to rush or get into something too serious too soon,” reported The Sun.

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