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Listening To Adele's New Song Makes 6 Out Of 10 Women Do THIS

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 Women Call Their Ex After Listening to Adele

From record players to radios, and Walkmans to iPods, music is a huge part of our everyday existence.

Studies have shown that listening to music can affect us in various ways. An upbeat song can motivate you to jog faster, a romantic song can make you more passionate towards your lover, and a sad song can induce tears.

In the case of one Atlanta woman, music prompted her to touch base with her ex again — using Adele's new hit song, "Hello." And it turns out that she may not be the only one the song by Adele inspired.

The "date-auction" site, which allows you to buy love or a first date, asked more than 41,000 men and women the following question: Has Adele's "Hello" inspired you to repair a broken relationship?

They found that 64 percent of women responded with "yes" and the other 36 percent said no. Meanwhile, only 17 percent of men said "yes" while an astounding 83 percent said "no."

So, why are more women inspired to fix a past relationship after hearing the song than men?

Brandon Wade, founder and CEO of said that this may be because "women are known to base things on feelings and emotion, and the instant gratification of texting an ex may seem fulfilling in the moment."

Meanwhile, men may be inspired by the song and might even think of an ex, but don't want to re-open old wounds by contacting an ex.

If you haven't heard the song yet, give it a listen and see if you're tempted to pick up your phone and call an old flame: