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Adele Is Officially Married! Here Are 6 Things About Her That We JUST Learned

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Adele Reveals Marriage Here's 5 Things To Know About Starlet

I’m SO thrilled to report that Adele, one of my all time favorite singers ever, just announced her marriage to her long-time partner, Simon Konecki!

Though they met in 2011, Adele has remained hush-hush about any details of her romantic involvement with the man she now calls her husband (yay!).

Though Adele is a private person, she did reveal her pregnancy in 2012 with a statement on her website:

"I'm delighted to announce that Simon and I are expecting our first child together. I wanted you to hear the news direct from me, obviously we’re over the moon and very excited but please respect our privacy at this precious time. Yours always, Adele xx"

The English singer/songwriter gave birth on October 19, 2012 — go Libras! — to the son she shares with Simon, Angelo James Konecki.

Here are five things you need to know about the 28-year-old Oscar, Grammy, Golden Globe, and Brit Award-winning singer:

1. At the 2017 Grammy Awards, she thanked her “husband” during her acceptance speech.

Adele won Best Song of the Year for Hello and Best Album of the Year for 25. It was considered an upset because everyone thought it was a given that Album of the Year would be given to Beyonce for Lemonade, including Adele herself.

In her speech, she acknowledged her love for Beyonce, as well as spilling the beans on her marriage by using the word "husband," which she'd never done before.

"I can’t possibly accept this award. I'm very humbled and very grateful and gracious, but my life is Beyoncé. The Lemonade album, Beyoncé, was so monumental, and so well thought out, and so beautiful and soul-bearing. And we all got to see another side of you that you don't always let us see, and we appreciate that. And all us artists adore you. You are our light.

And the way that you make me and my friends feel, the way you make my black friends feel, is empowering, and you make them stand up for themselves. And I love you. I always have. And I always will...

Grammys, I appreciate it. The Academy, I love you. My manager, my husband, and my son. You’re the only reason I do it. Thank you so much. Thank you very much to everybody."

2. During a concert in Brisbane, Australia, Adele finally confirmed the happy news while describing her writing process for the song Someone Like You.

Adele told the crowd:

"I was trying to remember how it was I felt at the beginning of the relationship that inspired that record, because as bad as a breakup can be, as bitter and horrible and messy as it can be, that feeling when you first fall for someone is the best feeling on earth and I am addicted to that feeling. Obviously, I can't go through with those feelings because I'm married now. I've found my next person."

You can watch the full video here:

3. Adele's husband has an incredible job.

Simon Konecki is the CEO of a charitable organization called Drop4Drop. According to their Facebook page, "drop4drop is dedicated to alleviating the world's water crisis by funding sustainable clean water projects in the developing world."

Adele is no stranger to charitable organizations. She often performs at fundraising events for important causes, such as Mencap, a UK-based charity that helps people with learning disabilities.

When Adele is touring, she requires all backstage visitors to donate at least $20 to another UK-based charity, SANDS. According to their site, SANDS exists to support anyone affected by the death of a baby, to improve the bereavement care received by parents and families, and to influence policy makers and promote research to reduce the number of babies dying.

It seems like Adele and Simon are a match made in heaven!

4. Adele Laurie Blue Adkins (her full given name) has done quite exceptionally well for herself financially. Can you guess Adele's net worth? 

According to the interwebz, she is worth a cool $125 million. 

The woman's got her own.

5. The magical secret behind Adele's weight loss is ...

Look Magazine

OK, it's really important you come close to the screen of the device on which you're reading this because it's a HUGE secret ...

Nah, I'm joking. There's no magic formula for weight loss. She's confident no matter how she looks but she has cut down her tea intake and smoking.

Jennifer Irvine, Adele's nutritionist, says, "She’s eating a really clean diet, with lots of fruit and vegetables, plus lean protein and complex carbohydrates." 

And in an interview with Rolling Stone Adele said, "I like looking nice, but I always put comfort over fashion ... Be happy and healthy ... I’ve never had a problem with the way I look. I’d rather have lunch with my friends than go to a gym.”

I am SO with you, girlfriend!

6. How do YOU get to see Adele in concert?

Though we don't know of any new songs or a new album in the works, Adele is currently touring abroad. For tickets to one of her remaining concerts, you can go here.


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