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Who Is Bernie McGee? New Details On The 'Seeking Sister Wife' Star And The Hot Water He's In

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Who Is Bernie McGee? New Details On The 'Seeking Sister Wife' Star And The Hot Water He's In

Polyamory is not an easy thing, even if you've decided to have multiple partners for religious reasons, that doesn't exactly make everything a breeze! Relationships between just two people can be complicated enough. When you add a third person (or a fourth or a fifth) you're adding even more feelings that need to be considered and voices that need to be heard. It can be a beautiful thing, if you're cut out for it, but not everybody out there is! 

TLC's hit show Seeking Sister Wife chronicles the lives of couples who are opening up their marriages to a potential new mate. Having just finished its second season, the show is a fascinating depiction of what life outside of monogamy looks like. This year's reunion shone a light on Bernie McGee and his wife Paige, who had some trouble along the way. Now Bernie's former girlfriend Brandy is speaking out, and what she has to say doesn't make Bernie look good at all. Who is Bernie McGee?

1. Bernie And Paige 

Very often it is the case that reality shows only get really good when the reunion episodes come around. That's when the cast has had time to watch the show, and when they are the most likely to come to play. If they have tea, you can very much bet that it will be spilled. The second season reunion of Seeking Sister Wives was no exception, especially when it came to Bernie and Paige McGree. The questions weren't softballs, even at the beginning! Bernie was asked directly if there was any intimacy with potential sister wives that took place off camera. He tried to be discreet, but his sheepish demeanor was pretty damning. "Even if we did, I don't kiss and tell — but we didn’t,” he said. His wife Paige then added her own two cents, saying, "Cause you told me you didn’t, so you’d better not have!” Sooo you can see where this is going, right? 

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2. Brandy Spills The Beans 

Of course, there are two sides to every story... when each story only involves two people. When you start venturing into the wacky world of polyamory or polygamy, two sides of the story starts to look straightforward by comparison. Those complications became all too apparent when Bernie and Paige were joined by would-be sister wife Brandy. What Brandy had to say about her intimacy with Bernie was a far cry from what he had to share, too! “During the date, there was so much chemistry. We had so much fun. Yeah, that was such a natural thing to want to do,” Brandy said about getting her smooch on with Bernie before dropping a bombshell. “It’s interesting because it happened but not on camera.”

3. Bernie Covering His Tracks 

If that wasn't already enough to send Paige straight to the moon with jealous rage, Brandy was only getting started. When pressed about her relationship with Bernie and whether or not things got physical during the weekend that they spent together, she started off being vague but pretty ambiguous too, saying that "lots of things" happened between the two over the span of those days.

Of course, this is when Bernie started to panic (classic, lol) and began to try and interrupt Brandy. He claimed that she was "overplaying" what went on between them, but Brandy was about to be stopped, especially now that Bernie was essentially calling her a liar. She revealed that during the weekend, Bernie took her over to his neighbor's house to "show her the back yard." She said, “I was taken off guard, there was a kiss, I remember going back, and I kept saying ‘Bernie, Paige said that we can’t do this,'” Brandy said. “There was a lot of hands going places, I ended up with a hickey.”

I bet Paige & Bernie McGee's neighbor is putting up a privacy fence after the tell all! #SSW pic.twitter.com/CgYQmRAE7p

— Ashely Freeman (@ashleyfreeman77) April 15, 2019

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4. Paige Breaks Down 

Obviously hearing all of this was a bit much for Paige whose husband and so-called best friend told her a very different tale about the time he spent with Brandy. Paige made it clear, like most women do, that she wasn't just pissed about the kissing and heavy petting, she was pissed because then Bernie decided to lie about it. Bernie then, taking the path of many a loser before her, said that yes, they kissed but that it wasn't anywhere near as steamy as Brandy was making it sound like it was. That's when Paige reached her breaking point. “That’s a lie. Bernie would never do that — he’s never cheated on me and he has dated other women, honey,” Paige said. “I’m not your honey," Paige interjected. Sadly, neither woman decided to go after Bernie, instead, they basically chased each other offstage yelling mean insults at each other like it was their fault they were played by Bernie. Ladies! Get. Some. Perspective! 

5. Costars To The Rescue 

The insults the women yelled at each other were exactly the kind of insults you would expect two women screaming about a man would yell. Paige got it started with this old chestnut: “What kind of person makes out with somebody else’s husband — is a whore,” Paige said. Rather than taking any responsibility, Brandy turned it around and put it ALL on Bernie saying, "your husband came on to me!"  When Paige left the stage altogether, it wasn't her husband who ran to console her either. It was the other women featured on the show. “My husband’s been lying to me all this time, someone I thought was a dear friend lied to me to my face numerous times,” Paige said. “And people wonder why I’m jealous, why I search his text messages and why I don’t trust people.”

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