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Who Plays Luke In 'Huge In France'? New Details On Jordan Ver Hoeve

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Who Plays Luke In Huge In France New Details On Jordan Ver Hoeve

Netflix's new series Huge in France follows French comedy star Gad Elmeleh as he moves to Los Angeles to reconnect with his son. He soon discovers that all the fame and perks of celebrity he enjoyed in France were not greeting him in Los Angeles. He might as well be a nobody as far as Hollywood is concerned. Elmeleh is playing a fictionalized version of himself, but the thing is Gad Elmeleh really is huge in France in real life. The Daily Show actually did a segment on him awhile back. In the series, Elmelah's son Luke is played by Jordan Ver Hoeve. Who is Jordan Ver Hoeve?

1. He is a model

After high school, Jordan Ver Hoeve moved to New York to model and act. He broke into the entertainment industry as a model. That's not hard to see as he's ridiculously handsome with an insane body. In fact, he lists one of his hobbies as "fitness enthusiast." He's had a few roles in the past, but Huge in France could be his big break with as big of a platform as Netflix is. For more pictures of him, check out his Brand Talent profile for his modeling photos. He moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting as it is what he is passionate about.


A post shared by Jordan Ver Hoeve (@jordanverhoeve_official) on Feb 8, 2019 at 9:36pm PST

2. He was named after Michael Jordan

Jordan Ver Hoeve is from San Diego. He was prom king in high school. He is 23. His nickname is J-Bear. He was named after Michael Jordan. ​


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3. He is a Jonah Hill fan boy

Jordan met Jonah Hill at the screening for Huge in France. He took a photo with Hill and posted it to his IG, gushing about the experience of meeting him. He said: "To have another actor that I have always been so inspired by, has so much talent, and have so much respect for .... compliment me on MY performance was one of the most fulfilling moments I have ever experienced. If you guys haven’t seen the trailer yet, go check it out on YouTube or IMDB."


A post shared by Jordan Ver Hoeve (@jordanverhoeve_official) on Mar 22, 2019 at 6:21pm PDT

4. He loves his Netflix subscription

Jordan Ver Hoeve is an open book on his Instagram. He frequently shares long posts about his fitness goals, his career and his love for his Netflix subscription. He posted the photo below and waxed philosophical about his Netfix subscription, writing: "This flower goes out to someone very special....they don’t complain, they don’t nag or annoy me, they never talk back, they know what I like just based off my life choices, their personality has a wide array of genres, they stay up with me late at night and they’re always there, they provide me with entertainment and so much more, and....they only cost 10$ a month....to my Netflix Subscription ...this flower is for you."


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5. He is really, really, serious about fitness

In another IG post, Jordan breaks down how to build your triceps muscles. Hey, if the modeling and acting thing doesn't work out, he has a future as a trainer. "BEST WAY TO BUILD/ TRAIN THE TRICEPS!?! based off yesterday’s poll in my story, here’s another fitness tip!! The triceps are made of 3 separate muscle heads: the lateral, medial, and long. Being that there are different muscular heads of the triceps, it is best to incorporate lifts into your program that provide stress/ emphasis on all 3. Whether that be at once or all separate. Most people think of tricep pull downs, DB kickbacks, skullcrushers....etc (basically accessory lifts for the triceps) which are great but everyone looking to develop their triceps should incorporate heavy pressing movements such as bench press, OHP, shoulder press....etc..." See the photo below for his full advice on building triceps. 


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