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Who Is Laura Marano? New Details On The Star Of 'The Perfect Date' With Noah Centineo On Netflix

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Who Is Laura Marano? New Details On The Star Of 'The Perfect Date' With Noah Centineo On Netflix

There's another darling Netflix rom-com out starring Noah Centineo as Brooks Rattigan. The Perfect Date follows his quest to raise money so he can go to college. After he gets paid to take a girl named Celia Lieberman to her prom, she suggests that he turn that into a business. That's exactly what he does via an app called The Stand In. Of course there are hijinks, like when Noah's Brooks and Celia pretend to be a couple to draw the attention of the people they are each really interested in. This is a rom-com so you can draw conclusions as to how that works out for them. As usual, Noah Centineo is charming AF but the actress playing Celia is just as charming. Celia is played by Laura Marano who may look familiar to you. Who is Laura Marano?

1. She was on Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?

Laura Marano was born in Los Angeles on November 29, 1995. She is an actress and singer and is also smarter than we are. She was one of the original cast members of the TV show Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader. She was one of the original five 5th graders on the first season of the show. 


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2. Her mom didn't want her to be an actress

Laura Marano started to get interested in acting when she was five-years-old. In an interview, Marano recounted how she went out and found an agent despite her mom not wanting her to. "She did some research and she looked up agents who turned down kids 95 percent of the time. I’m following my mom into the agent's office and the agent says, 'We want to take Vanessa.' (her older sister)... And I say, 'Well, I don’t have an agent.' And the agent says, 'Oh honey, I’ll take you too.'"


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3. Television roles

Marano's first major TV role was on CBS's long running Without a Trace. She had a re-occurring role as Katie Malone, the daughter of FBI agent Jack Malone. She also appeared on The Sarah Silverman Program, Ghost Whisperer, Heroes, Joan of Arcadia, True Jackson and VP. She also starred in Superbad and Lady Bird before landing the role of Celia in The Perfect Date.


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4. She got her big break on the Disney Channel

In 2011, Marano got her big break when she was cast as Ally Dawson on the Disney Channel's Austin & Ally. Her character was a shy singer-songwriter who has stage fright and struggles with performing. Eventually she meets and works with singer Austin Moon, who was played by Ross Lynch. In fact, The Perfect Date is a reunion for Marano and Centineo. He played Ally's love interest Dallas on three episodes of the series.


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5. She is a singer

Like her character on Ally & Austin, Laura Marano is singer. She released her first single Boombox, in 2016. Her second single, La La came out later that same year. She was signed to Warner Music for awhile but ultimately decided to make music as an independent artist. She recently released her first EP, Me. The first single, also called Me, was released in 2018. In an interview with Stylecaster, Marano said: "This is the most empowered and in charge of my destiny I’ve ever been in my life. It’s pushed me to be in control of every part of my life, as much as I possibly can. In a lot of ways, Me is re-introducing myself to the music world and all of my fans. Because I am this new version of myself." 


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6. She doesn't own a smartphone

Marano refused to use a smartphone. She uses a flip phone. Why? She said it is a way to keep her work life at bay. She told People: “In our [age of] social media and email, you can’t get away from work. Sometimes I just need to take a break and not have anything next to me!” In fact, she launched her own record label and called it Flip Phone Records.


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