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Who Is Khloe Terae? New Details About Kris Humphries' Girlfriend

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Who Is Khloe Terae?

When Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian got married it was a pretty big deal for fans of all things Kardashian. In fact, it was probably an even bigger deal when the couple decided it was time to go their separate ways, though admittedly for Kim, "separate ways" meant "I'll be with Kanye, mkay?" But now that they've both moved on, Kris is back in the spotlight for a pretty charming reason.

Kris Humphries was recently spotted out in L.A. on a date (of sorts) with Khloe Terae, a model to watch in her own right. Find out who exactly Khloe Terae is, what he relationship with Kris is all about, and what else is going on between them. We've got all the dirt you crave and more below! 

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1. The Date 

Kris Humphries was heard finally heard opening up about his quickie marriage to Kim Kardashian (crazy to imagine her before Kanye, right?) just about two weeks ago, and it turns out that his reason for doing so wasn't just to get his name back in the tabloids. It seems like Kris is getting serious with someone new, and that's given him a little room for perspective. 

Humphries, 34, a former NBA player, was recently spotted going out on the town with a rising star of the modeling world, Khloe Terae, who you might know from the pages of Maxim magazine. The duo spent the day together in Los Angeles, and according to a source who was willing to dish all to HollywoodLife, they seemed like the real deal and were both "very comfortable" in each other's company. 

2. The Eyewitness 

When you or I go out on a date, we're lucky enough that there aren't members of the press chronicling our every move. For Kris and Khloe, however, fame comes with a price, and in this case, that price was having their entire April 10th date watched and reported in vivid detail. If you can believe it, they started off their evening getting their nails done! 

“[Kris and Khloe] both walked in together and asked for mani and pedis,” the eyewitness said at the scene. “They had to wait for about ten minutes and they were both very patient and polite about it. I didn’t recognize the girl he was with, but I recognized Kris right away. He’s really good looking and super tall. And she was really pretty and all glammed up. She was looking on fleek!”

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3. Kris The Gentleman

While the official eye witness claims the duo looked very happy to be together, and very comfortable in each other's presence, what she wasn't able to report back on was any PDA. That's because absolutely none took place. El zilch! Does this mean it wasn't a real date? Not necessarily, according to the eye witness. 

They weren’t holding hands because the chairs are kind of far apart, and the girls were working in between them. But they were talking the whole time to each other and were really cute together — very cozy." Kris pulled a card from the book of chivalry and made sure that he paid not just for his own nails, but for his girl's nails too! 

4. Is Khloe The Mystery Woman?

Ever since his split from Kim, Kris has been pretty mysterious about who he is actually dating and which women are seen at his side have actually been just flings, or even, heaven forbid, actual, living, female friends. But longtime Humphries spotters feel like Khloe may be someone special. 

Why is that? Because according to people in the know, when photos surfaced of Kris have lunch with a blond woman in December, the mysterious blond in question was actually Khloe! That said it's hard to say definitively if it was indeed the bombshell herself pictured dining with Kris at Republique in Los Angeles.  

5. She's A Big Deal 

Whether or not she's actually getting serious with Kris, Khloe's name is bound to start popping up more and more as the days go by. Originally from Canada, this model has posed for FHM, Sports Illustrated, Maxim, and even Playboy, where she was actually voted Cyber Girl of the year AND Playmate of the year. Not too shabby! 

Khloe is that rare breed of model who can do this so-called glamor and skin campaigns and still serve serious high fashion vibes. After all, she walked for Balmain at Paris Fashion Week, and has worked with brands like Fashion Nova, Pretty Little Thing, Want My Look, YMI Jeans, Livify, and 138 Water. 

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