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Are Larsa Pippen And Kris Humphries Dating? New Details On Their Rumored Secret Romance

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Are Larsa Pippen And Kris Humphries Dating?

Are Larsa Pippen and Kris Humphries dating?

In this super awkward turn of events, Kim Kardashian's infamous ex-husband and her longtime best friend were reportedly spotted flirting at Coachella. An unnamed source reportedly told Us Weekly that on at the 2019 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival on Saturday, April 13, the pair — who were probably not supposed to be talking at all — were getting very friendly.

The witness said that Kris, 24 and Larsa, 44, were "hanging out by the VIP drink area at Coachella with a group of people,” and that “the two of them were talking and standing next to each other.”

Talking?! Standing?! If we're being real, that's pretty innocent right? Well, read on to find more about what happened between the former NBA star and the Real Housewives of Miami alum.

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1. The conversation was playful.

According to this eye-witness, Larsa and Kris were doing a little more than just standing next to each other and having a civil conversation.

The source said that Kris was "touching her head and playing with her braids” and because of his NBA-level height, he was also “leaning down to talk to her since he’s so much taller.”

All in all, they described the conversation as "playful." Yikes, sorry Kim.


In the desert

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2. But it wasn't a long convo.

The insider was quick to mention that even though they were talking in what seemed to be a flirty way, it wasn't long. After Larsa left to go get another dink, Kris immediately started talking to another woman who hasn't been identified. 

Because, ya know, Coachella.


Coachella with the boyz 

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3. Is Larsa single?

Taking away the whole Larsa-should-be-loyal-to-Kim thing, could this logistically work? Depends on what rumors you believe. 

See, Larsa is very much single. Just this past November, she announced that she had filed from divorce from her husband of 21 years, Scottie Pippen.

“It is with deep sadness that Scottie and I announce that we are legally separating,” Larsa said in a statement. “We have both tried very hard for a long time to make our marriage work and have ultimately come to the conclusion that it is best that we live separate lives. We have so many amazing memories together, remain best of friends and love each other very much. Our four children have always been our priority and for their sake we ask for as much privacy as possible for our family during this sensitive time.”

Scottie had previously filed for divorce in 2016, but then later dismissed it.

"Larsa and Scottie did try hard to make it work, but just couldn’t figure it out in the end,” a source told Us Weekly. “It wasn’t the same after Scottie filed in 2016. They grew apart and have their own lives now. There were also a lot of things from their past that they couldn’t move on from. No drama, just issues. They are on good terms and are still close when it comes to their kids.”

While she's been spotted enjoying the single life, she hasn't been officially linked to anyone since her divorce.

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 @revolve #revolvefestival

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4. Is Kris single?

Kris, on the other hand, may have a girlfriend. He was spotted out at a date just three days before this whole Larsa thing. He was seen out and about at Butter Nails in L.A. with model Khloë Terae on April 10, and sources said the whole thing "definitely seemed romantic."

“It seemed like a super-cute date,” the insider said, adding that he sat next to the model as they both got nail treatments. "He was very friendly and nice to the staff and paid for her pedicure and his."

Kris could be playing the field — or he could be starting a new relationship.


Cruising in Venice on @takewheels

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5. What Larsa says. 

While Kris has kept mum about the incident with Larsa, Larsa has not. She immediately shut down the rumors of anything shady going on via social media. 

Perez Hilton posted on Instagram about Larsa and Kris, asking if there was "another Jordyn Woods situation" on their hands. Larsa responded.

"The convo lasted all of 3 min. He told me he's known Scottie since he was 14 and that he loves him and I said so do I," she replied to the post.

So there you have it. Larsa still a good friend, and she's definitely not dating Kris. 


Stopped by to see my favorite friend & jeweler @jadellebh

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