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Who Is Joe Anglim? New Details On The Newly-Engaged Star Of "Survivor"

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Who Is Joe Anglim? New Details On The Newly-Engaged Star Of "Survivor"

Congratulations are in order for Joe Anglim and Sierra Dawn Thomas, two Survivor fan favorites who recently announced their engagement. But who is Joe Anglim?

Us Weekly was the first to break the news of Anglim and Thomas’ impending nuptials. The pair, who met in 2014 when both were featured on the hit CBS series, initially were at odds with one another!

Fans will recall that it was Thomas, 32, who voted Anglim, 28, off the island. Apparently, though, this initial diss was the start of something beautiful, because the pair obviously kept in contact before beginning to date in 2017.

Joe Anglim and Sierra Dawn Thomas eventually announced their engagement on April 8, via Instagram. The pair posted matching photos on their respective social media sites, with Anglim featuring a photo of him kneeling before Thomas’s hand (which, of course, had the gorgeous sparkler!), and the caption, “Yes. #forever,” and Thomas featuring a picture of her bedazzled hand with the caption, “forever and ever, amen.”

What an absolutely adorable announcement!

So, who is Joe Anglim? Here’s what we know.

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1. He attended Northern Arizona University.


#fiance : @mattclayton21

A post shared by Sierra Dawn Thomas (@sierra_dawn_) on Apr 11, 2019 at 1:24pm PDT

Joe Anglim is a graduate of Northern Arizona University. 

Joe Anglim was one of the most popular contestants on his season of Survivor, but being popular is something that he’s used to. As an athlete at Northern Arizona University, he dominated the indoor volleyball court, where he played for all four years of his college career.

Back in 2009, he told Jack Central magazine that being an accomplished athlete was one of the most rewarding accomplishments of his career to date. He was so proud of it, in fact, that he spent his downtime cheering for the female division of the indoor volleyball team when he wasn’t on the court! “In addition to clean cheering, the group is also well-known for their silly behavior. This includes their wardrobe, dancing skills and painted chests. Each game, the crew is dressed from waist-to-toe in NAU’s blue and gold. This includes short shorts, the occasional gold tights and sweatbands. Anglim, a junior art major, is responsible for painting the letters,” reported Jack Central.

2. He’s a jewelry designer.

Joe Anglim is very artistic and creative in all aspects of his life!

Back when he first landed on Survivor in 2015, local Arizona station KTAU did a profile on the rising reality star, and it was revealed that he’d put his art degree to good use as a jewelry designer. When he joined the cast of Survivor: Worlds Apart, he was part of the so-called “No Collar” tribe, but he formed alliances with other tribes very quickly. It was this move that made him popular amongst both the other cast members and the audience.

3. Fans were outraged when he was voted off.

Joe Anglim is a popular Survivor castmember.

Writing for The Inquisitr, Tricia Faulkner was one of many critics who joined the chorus of outrage when Anglim was voted off the island last month. “Blindsiding Joe and evicting him when he has a chance to get back into the game is a mistake that may end up costing one of his tribe members the game further down the line. No one knows when the Edge of Extinction twist is going to come to an end, but if Joe wins and comes back into the game, whoever he goes after may not have the same chance to come back,” she said.  

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4. He admires his father.


So happy for you my sister and jakey. All my love @misschellemarie  #meoweed 

A post shared by Joe Anglim (@janglim21) on Apr 8, 2019 at 12:13pm PDT

Joe Anglim is close with all of his family members, but especially his father. 

After Joe Anglim’s father paid him a visit on the Survivor island, Joe told CBS that it was the most uplifting experience of his time on the show thus far. He also said that his father was one of his role models growing up. "That experience for me was worth $1 million and more. It was so powerful and special, [even] for my whole family, extended family, and friends. I had tons of my friends calling and texting me saying, 'I'm so proud of you and your dad that you made me cry.' That really touched my heart in a whole new way of, like, accomplishing a dream and bringing to fruition my dad's dream,” he said.

5. He proposed to Sierra after his sister’s wedding.


Amazing weekend celebrating @misschellemarie and Jakes love 

A post shared by Sierra Dawn Thomas (@sierra_dawn_) on Apr 8, 2019 at 12:19pm PDT

Joe Anglim and Sierra Dawn-Thomas got engaged after Joe's sister's wedding! 

According to UPI, Joe Anglim and Sierra Dawn-Thomas went to Joe’s sister, Michelle’s, wedding over the weekend. After the nuptials, they stopped somewhere to camp for the night, and that’s when Joe popped the question to Sierra! “He got off the swing, reached into his coat, and got on one knee. I started crying, and he started crying! We were both crying,” Sierra said about the momentous occasion.

Congratulations are, once again, in order for the happy couple, and we can’t wait for the wedding pictures!

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